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Jump jump

First I want to say thank you so much to all of you wonderful bloggy friends. You all left me such sweet, supportive comments and emails and it really means a lot to me. I felt your great big internet hugs and they made me feel so much better.

We don’t know what we’re gonna do yet, but we’ll figure it out and we’ve accepted things and are ready to move on to a new plan. We know we can control only what we can control so I’m not going to remain all sad and upset about all of this that’s out of our hands.

Saturday I took Zoe to the vet for her follow up appt and she is now cone and staple free. She is back to her old self, zooming all around the house and so excited to be out of solitary confinement. After the vet I went to my mom’s. Jake & Joey were there for the weekend so I thought I’d stop by and swim with them. We stayed out in the pool for hours playing pirate and shark and singing peanut butter jelly time. My spf 50 didn’t hold up so well on me and I ended up burned again. I swear I can’t seem to find a sunscreen that won’t lie to me. Don’t tell me you’re waterproof if you’re not!

After our swim I took Zoe home and got cleaned up. CSP was supposed to be off work but ended up working and working later than he thought. Christina and I went to Fridays for appetizers. They were supposed to be free since we joined the Fridays club thing. But they would only give us her appetizer for free. Didn’t make any sense. Anyway, after dinner we went and saw Sex & the City. I loved the show and the movie did not disappoint. The clothes! The shoes! And the bags, oh the bags. They even had a cupcake bag Photobucket I saw on The Price is Right! OMG it is so cute! And I loved the Eiffel Tower bag too. Photobucket I have a love for the Eiffel Tower since we honeymooned at the Paris Las Vegas so it reminds me of our trip there. One day I’ll see the real one. Both of these bags I could never actually carry because 1) I would never spend that much on a bag and 2) I have way too much stuff in my purse. I could never cram it all into a cupcake

Today CSP was off work (yay!) so we hung out around the house during the day (well he hung more, I had a killer headache), then tonight we rented Jumper from the redbox and got Chinese take out for the first time in like 2 months. Crab rangoon never tasted so good. I had a free code for the redbox but I screwed up and didn’t hit the right button. Yet another freebie slipping through my fingers! Crikey! I wish I could teleport like they do in Jumper. That would be so cool. I’d jump to an orphanage and hijack me a couple babies!


Strange Mail & Search Terms

My favorite search term used to find my blog this week is “anal pickle”. Not exactly sure how those words brought someone to my blog. Mostly I talk about pugs and my daily life. And in my life never have those two terms been used together in any way!

Also, I received some strange mail last week. CSP brought the mail in and handed it to me. I was flipping through…the usual…flyers, bills, and a leaf. Yep, a leaf. My father mailed me a leaf.  Click to enlarge. My father mailed me a leaf. That’s how it came in the mail. Nothing written on the back. I called him and asked him about it and he said he thought I would think it was neat.  Now it’s got me thinking what can I mail that’s weird and not in an envelope?


Hitting another wall

My agency posted an update today on their website regarding adoptions in Guatemala.  It’s not good.  I don’t know what we’re going to do.  I haven’t told CSP yet.  He’s at work tonight and won’t be home til late.  I’ll tell him then.  It’s looking like if we want to adopt at all then we’ll need to come up with another plan, go with another country within our agency or abandon our agency and lose all our money.  UGH!  OR we can hang in there indefinitely and hope that Guatemala will get it together.  We just really feel like God led us to Guatemala.  I’m so frustrated and sad.  I just don’t know what to do.  It just doesn’t feel like I’m ever going to be a mom.

Guatemala Adoption Reform Fact Sheet

Since early 2006, the State Department has repeatedly issued warnings to prospective adoptive parents and the U.S. public about the uncertainties of adopting from Guatemala. The Government of Guatemala (GOG) acceded to the Hague Convention in March 2003, and then reaffirmed its commitment to the Convention in June 2007.

Convention-implementing legislation passed on December 11, 2007 radically changed Guatemalan adoption procedure, as well as the Guatemalan child welfare system. Under the former system, adoptions in Guatemala were done almost entirely by private attorneys with little to no government oversight. Under the new legislation, the adoption process is controlled by a Central Authority, the National Council on Adoption (CNA), which oversees adoption service providers. The GOG has had insufficient time to build the capacity to implement the reform legislation. Presently, Guatemala does not and cannot meet its Convention obligations because it does not have a Convention-compliant adoption process in place.

  • USCIS is not processing I-800 petitions as of April 1, 2008 because the State Department is unable to verify, as required by Section 301(a) of the Intercountry Adoption Act (IAA), that the requirements of the Hague Convention have been met.
  • Guatemala has agreed to process to completion pending adoptions or “transition cases” (those initiated in Guatemala before the new law went into effect December 31, 2007). However, new requirements have been added that have thus far restricted the flow of cases and has caused some pending cases to be rejected.
  • The Department continues to monitor the adoption practices of Guatemala and urge the PGN not to raise unnecessary barriers for these cases.
  • We cannot yet predict when we will be able to start processing new adoptions from Guatemala.

Little obsessions

~Meringue cookies. Trader Joe’s has these amazing meringues. YUM. I wanted to try and make my own. First with sugar, then with Splenda. But I can’t get my eggs to whip up. Ugh.  My poor mixer was all hot, it was working so hard.  CSP finally made me give it up.  But I’ll be trying again soon.

~Scrabulous on FacebookBethanie and I play almost nightly.  CSP & Mr. Bethanie make fun of us constantly.  I told CSP that I was keeping my brain sharp by playing.  So now CSP will walk by the computer when I’m playing and say “Sharpening your brain again?”.  Nerd.

-My Crackberry.  I’m obsessed with downloading free themes, games, and wallpapers. It’s going to be so hard when we shut off the internet/email service.  I’m a texting, emailing fool.


Zoe’s got an outie

I have SO MUCH TO TELL YOU, but Zoe’s story is taking first place today. I took Zoe down to the vet on Wednesday morning for her spay. -Tangent- how weird is it that some people have said things like “aw, you’re really going to spay her?” like it’s a bad thing. I mean, spaying your dog is one of the best things you can do for her. I even had a couple people suggest I breed her a few times first, you know, to make a little extra cash. Um, no thanks. Our pugs are our pets, our furry children. Not little cash machines.

Anyway, I picked her up on Thursday to bring her home and heard all about how she charmed everyone in the vet’s office. We came home and she was thrilled to see her sisters. She settled down and all was well that evening.

Friday I was still feeling icky (had been all week) so CSP made me go to the doctor. Sure enough I have a double ear infection and a sinus infection. After the dr we went by Target to pick up my prescriptions and a few things. Went home, had dinner, the usual stuff. Zoe was still doing great. Taking her meds like a champ. So that night I went to Christina’s for movie night. I had just sat down when my phone rang. It was CSP.

You have to come home.

What’s going on?

Zoe busted her staples and her innards are coming out.

What? No way. Are you joking?

No. Come home.

I told Christina what he said and asked if she had an emergency vet as we don’t have one yet up here in our new town. She didn’t but she grabbed the phone book and we just started calling, going down the list. I was still in shock. I just couldn’t believe that would happen. This isn’t the movies. We found an emergency vet that was open, I told them the deal, and I drove home to pick up CSP & Zoe. Luckily Christina just lives a mile up the road so I was home in a hurry.

As soon as I saw Zoe I was a mess. It was horrible. I wrapped her in a blanket and held her and cried all the way to the emergency vet. CSP drove and kept one hand on her the entire time. At one point she started shaking and I thought that was it, that she was going to die in my arms. I was a wreck. I know that some people don’t understand such an attachment to a pet, but our pugs have been such a blessing to us. They have let us nurture them and parent them while we’re trying to become parents. Dealing with our infertility would have been so much more difficult without them.

I swear it felt like the vet was a million miles away. I could feel fluid and blood seeping through my shirt, but I couldn’t look at it. We finally made it in and they came out and scooped her up and took her right back. I was covered in blood & fluid. They took us to an exam room and a couple minutes later the vet came in and told us they were going to do surgery right away, that she would have to spend the night. And that was it. Now we had to go home. So we did.

I couldn’t stand the thought of just sitting there thinking about Zoe. Christina told me to just come back over and we’d watch a movie to get my mind off it. The vet called later and reported that Zoe was doing just fine. CSP & I still couldn’t get to sleep til almost 4. I was just worried about her. Poor thing, only 6 months old and having 2 overnight stays in a vet’s office in a week. They called at 6 am and told us we could come back and get her. We had to wait until the stores opened though. We wanted to pick up a crate that was smaller than the one we normally use because we wanted her to stay still and not be able to jump or anything.

We picked her up and she just squealed and covered us with kisses. They put a big, blue e-collar on her. She gets great reception Zoe in her e-collarWe stopped by Petsmart on the way home to get the crate. She’s been resting in her crate since. We take her out of course for potty breaks and to eat and take her meds. I hate that she’s in there all alone (she’s in the guest room so she doesn’t get overly excited seeing the other pugs), but I know it’s best for her. Jeesh, what a scare.Zoe as blue sunflower

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Things are sweeter in Tennessee*

CSP & I have a bit of wanderlust in us right now. We’ve always lived where we’ve lived because our parents took us there. Currently we live in a suburb of Charlotte. We’ve both been in the Charlotte area since 1990 when (separately) our parents moved us here. Periodically we’ll talk about where we might want to live. For the last few months we’ve been thinking Tennessee. I’ve narrowed it down to the Knoxville area. The cost of living is lower, it’s still only a couple hours to the mountain house & Atlanta (IKEA), they have an airport, and it’s apparently beautiful there. We wouldn’t move for a few years (4-5) yet. We’ll probably have to sell this house to make enough money to pay for adoption #2 so we’d have to move anyway, why not start somewhere new and fresh? It’s still just a thought tumbling round in our little heads, no hard and fast plans. Especially because the farthest into TN either of us have ever been is State Line Fireworks! Ha! Looks like we’ll have to visit the Volunteer State sometime!

*lyrics from The Wreckers.

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Speaking of meat…

My honey gets a little too excited about grilling meat My honey gets so excited about grilling. He figures when the fire is hot he might as well grill up every single piece of meat in a 10 mile radius.  Right there you’re looking at pork chops (with Pampered Chef Greek Rub– YUM), chicken, & brats.  And all this was just for the 2 of us!  Looks like I’ll be making room in the freezer!

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Peanut Butter Jelly With a Baseball Bat!

Mega ribs for Father's DayToday I was at Sara‘s to celebrate Father’s Day.  Papa & Gigi came over and we all chowed down on some awesome ribs my BIL smoked/grilled.  I gave Papa the best card.  It was just perfect.  I literally gasped out loud when I found it at Target.  And Papa cried when he read it!  It was so sweet!  Gigi’s been trying to get Papa to cry for 10 years with something sweet.  Booyah!  I won!  lol After dinner Papa & Gigi had to go home but I jumped in the pool with Sara, Marc & the boys.  I tell you what, nothing makes my heart swell like those two boys.  I walked out to the pool and they both saw me and just squealed “SHANNY!!!” and I just felt like a rock star.

I’m not sure how it started but once in the pool I had Jacob on my back and I started singing the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song from Family Guy.  The boys (and Marc) just craaaacked up.  Now when we get in the pool Jake & Joey start asking for Peanut Butter Jelly time.  Basically I sing the song while I chase them around and tickle them.  Or I’ll have one on my back and I’ll do the PBJT dance.  It was just the cutest thing, Joey kept saying “Shanny, peanut butter jelly time just ooooone more time peeease!”.  OMG do I love those kids.

There’s a frog that lives in their pool.  Just so you know, if you touch him he will come at you and crawl up on to your boob.  So he’s sitting there on my boob looking at me and Sara kept poking his butt trying to get him to jump in my mouth!  Bleh!

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Biting the hand that heals you

I clench my teeth at night and I’ve been using store bought bite/night/teeth guards but I’ve still been getting mega headaches. So I went to the dentist and they made impressions and sent them off to the lab to make me a new bite guard. I went in to get it fitted when the lab delivered it. My dentist is this sweet, soft spoken lady. She was trying to fit it in my mouth and I kept telling her it was hurting. She said my teeth must of shifted. I thought that was weird cause it had only been 2 weeks! Plus, this bite guard was for the bottom teeth which was weird cause my old dentist bite guard was for my top teeth. At one point she said Bite down sss so I did bite down. But I got her finger! Apparently she was trying to say bite down slowly but I was too quick. Poor lady jumped pretty high!

So she kept pushing it in and I kept complaining and finally she grabbed the impressions. They weren’t my teeth! Turns out the lab had sent the wrong guard. No wonder it hurt! She said they’d call me when the right guard came in. Well I got a call and now I have to go back for more impressions on Thursday cause the lab lost mine. Ugh!

It will make 4 trips just for one bite guard!  BUT my dental hygienist is trying to get me a baby!  She knows a lady who might want to give up her baby for adoption.  I’ve got all my peeps on baby watch!