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Playing catch up

It’s been so busy around here lately I haven’t had a chance to post about some stuff that’s been going on.

– Buncolicious- On Saturday, May 31st I was part of a big charity bunco game. So fun! We raised money for Wings of Eagles. Christina and I ran around picking up prizes for the game, ate at Moe’s, went to the game and helped set up before & clean up after, then went to TGI Friday’s for ginormous margaritas. Jumbo margaritas! YUM. It was a long day so we deserved some fruity adult beverages! We had a big time.

-Saturday, May 24th was my sister Sara’s birthday. Happy Birthday! I’m so proud of Sara. She bought a dslr not too long after I did last year and she’s fallen in love with photography. So much so she’s decided to make it her occupation. She launched her website. Check it out!

-Sunday, June 2nd was Papa & Gigi’s 2nd anniversary. Happy wedding birthday! Papa & Gigi on their wedding day

–CSP busted me the other day (Friday when I was baking cakes). He came home from work and said how nice the house looked (I had cleaned house that day). I told him he worked hard so the least I could do is keep the house nice for him. Then he noticed a cake taker sitting on our counter.

Who’s is this?

Oh, that’s Christina’s. She brought it over and lent it to me.

Oh I see! You’re just blowing smoke up my ass! You didn’t clean this house for me! You did it for Christina! Well I better call her and make sure she visits more often so I can have a clean house!

Doh! Busted. Christina had come over to loan me the cake taker and keep me company while I baked. The pugs shredded her legs. I felt so bad! We went out and grabbed some dinner so I could get a break from the oven. We had a good time chatting again. Seems like we could probably do the girl talk thing for days on end. I love having girlfriends like that.

-I finally went in and finished painting the spoon rest I had started for my Nanny Pre-fire shot of the spoon rest I painted for my NannyIt should be ready to pick up soon. I can’t wait to see what it looks like!