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OC Bound

Last Thursday Michele & her husband drove up from SC to my house. We went out to eat at this awesome Thai restaurant then Steven went back home. Michele and I stayed up too late visiting. No matter because I could hardly sleep anyway. Too excited about the next day.

Now, why have I not blogged about this trip? Because it was supposed to be a surprise! Well, Lisa knew I was coming, but she didn’t know I was bringing Michele. We’d been planning the whole thing since Thanksgiving! But then super sonic eared Lisa heard Pete talking about it and the jig was up! Oh well, we knew we’d still have a fabulous time. And we were right!

Friday: We woke up and hit the road for Baltimore! You are here.  We had fun playing with Google maps on the ride up. We made great time until we hit some traffic near DC, but that’s to be expected. DC traffic.  This was our view for an hour I missed our exit but we finally made it to Lisa’s. After hugs and a potty break we hopped into Lisa’s car and drove for another 3 hours to Ocean City! Lisa driving us to Ocean CityMichele on our way to OC We went straight to Harborside where we enjoyed fabulous Orange Crushes The famous Orange Crush at Harborside and yummy seafood. Well, we’re a bunch of lightweights! We were all feeling swoozie after 1 drink! After dinner we went to Lisa’s dad’s condo and got settled. 12 hours in a car can make a girl tired. We were asleep in no time!

Next: Wild horses, boardwalk, & holding the sun!