Boardwalk Babes

Saturday, May 24

We (Lisa, Michele, & I) woke up at the crack o’ dawn (apparently no one sleeps in up North) and went to breakfast at a cute bagel shop. The weather was just gorgeous. After breakfast we went to Assateague Island to see the horses. Pretty horses on Assateague Island They were so pretty! And everywhere. They’d just walk right by the car. Seeing the horses on Assateague Island We went down by the water and took tons of pictures. Assateague IslandMichele & Lisa on Assateague IslandSeagull stealing a chicken wing on Assateague Island

After exploring the island we went to the Ocean City Boardwalk. We snacked on chocolate covered strawberries Michele enjoying chocolate strawberries on a stick at Ocean City Boardwalk Lisa enjoying chocolate covered strawberries on a stickand rode the tram up and down the boardwalk. Ocean City Boardwalk It was a great way to see everything! Ferris Wheel at Ocean City Boardwalk We met this lady and her daughter that she adopted from Guatemala on the tram. She was so cute! Just when the wait is really getting to me (no news, still on wait list) I get a little reminder that it will all be worth it.
After our tram ride we ran into Nikki, Jason and Ryleah. Reilly and her lollipop at the Ocean City Boardwalk She is so cute! We visited with them for a few minutes then went to lunch at Booty’s. It’s this fun Pirate themed bar & grill. Lunch at Booty's Pirate Bar & Grill You know how I love my pirates!

After lunch we went back to the condo and rested for a little while. My bum knee was acting up after being in the car so long the day before. Once we were all rested up we went to the Bath & Body Works outlet, Bed, Bath & Beyond and then we went down to where Lisa’s Mom’s memorial tree is planted. We watched the sunset from the dock. It was so beautiful. Beautiful sunset at Ocean City I’d recently seen a “holding the sun” picture and I wanted to try it out myself so we took a few! Michele holding the sun I love this one I took of Lisa swallowing the sun! Lisa swallowing the sun While we were at the dock this kid walked by with a shark! They had caught him and were throwing him back. I pet him but I was careful to keep away from his mouth. Catch of the day (he got thrown back-yay!)
Lisa asked this other fisherman if he would take our picture. He did and then I asked him did he want me to take his picture. He said sure so I joked to Lisa that she should throw her arm around him. Well he threw his arm around her! He was so pleased with his picture with Lisa that he wanted one with Michele too! Too funny!
We went to dinner at this beach bar/restaurant called Coconuts. It was fun to eat outside ride by the beach. It was dark though- I had to light my menu with my cell phone! We ate by candlelight at Coconuts After dinner we went to Dumser’s for ice cream then home to bed!

Up next: the beach, boardwalk at night, & the best crab cake ever!