Hey! I’m Shannon. I am married, a pug mommy, a list maker, a major planner, passionate, loud talking, and big laughing. 

You may come across these characters while reading:
CSP is my husband Jon. Stands for Captain Safety Pants. He is my best friend and I still can’t get over how much I love him more and more each day. Or how much of a dork he is. We tied the knot 3/3/01 and dated for 3 years before that.  He doesn’t like the internets and prefers me not call him by name online.  But it’s JON.  ha!

Molly (Molly Xavier MuShu) and Zoe (Zoe Noelle LoMein) are our pugs and we love them to bits.

Gigi & Papa are my Mom & Bonus Dad (I’m not a big fan of the term step dad). Gigi and I are super close and Papa is just the best. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Papa dance.

Sara is my younger sister by 3 years. Marc is her husband and our BIL. Jacob and Joey are Sara and Marc’s sons & our nephews.  They are teenagers now and growing up so fast!

Morgan is my younger sister. She’s 17 years younger than me. She’s amazingly beautiful and talented and we have the most awesome relationship.

I think that’s it for now. Any questions?

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  1. Hi Shanny! I have read all 5 or more years of your blog and could hardly tear myself away to do anything else. We are also in the adoption circle. We adopted our son from Colombia in 2000. Your blog is fun and I love to come home from work and read it each day. Kristi Kraft


  2. I found you through Mary Mia’s blog and Michelle’s blog. I hope to visit many more times and follow you on your journey! Laura


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