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Notes to self

Dear Self,

I’ve noticed that you’ve made some poor choices lately.  Let’s try and get out of that mode.  I’ve made a list of things you should avoid or improve upon.

-Clipping your toenails at 3am with a headache and slightly blurred vision will only result in loss of 3 toenails.  Are you really surprised?  You have terrible aim.  And now you have no place for nail polish on your pinky toes and toe #4 on the right foot.  Step away from sharp objects after midnight.

-It might be a good idea to shave your legs.  You wear a lot of skirts.  It’s just nicer for the general public.

-CSP is really concerned about your habit of eating cereal from a cup while driving down the highway.  Get up earlier or just eat a protein bar.

-Pay closer attention when cooking and baking.  It took CSP forever to dislodge the cake pan you got stuck in the pasta pan.

Thank you for your cooperation.