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Speaking of meat…

My honey gets a little too excited about grilling meat My honey gets so excited about grilling. He figures when the fire is hot he might as well grill up every single piece of meat in a 10 mile radius.  Right there you’re looking at pork chops (with Pampered Chef Greek Rub– YUM), chicken, & brats.  And all this was just for the 2 of us!  Looks like I’ll be making room in the freezer!

8 thoughts on “Speaking of meat…”

  1. That grin made me laugh out loud. How cute is he?! He looked so proud of himself. AND Steven does the same thing. If the grill is hot? He goes rummaging in the freezer and fridge.. goes next door.. he’s even gone TO the store to buy stuff to grill. That picture is awesome! 😉

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