Beach Babes

Sunday May 25th

Today we had bagels for breakfast at the condo then headed out to the beach. I shellacked myself with spf 50 and only got burned in a couple odd spots. whew. Cause let me tell you, Lisa, Michele & I are the 3 whitest girls on Earth. The beach in MD is totally different than Carolina beaches. The sand is much more coarse and it’s brown- not white, like rough brown sugar. And it’s deep! You trudge through thinking you’re gonna hit the hard, compacted sand like we have, but you never do! Then you just go down a hill and are in FREEZING water. Now, I like my water on the chilly side. But this stuff turned my skin red in a matter of minutes. I made it in up to my waist then chickened out. Ryleah on the other hand could have stayed in the water all day.  I didn’t take any pics at the beach (too busy constantly applying spf) but click here for Lisa’s.

After the beach we went back to Nikki’s condo and visited with her, Jason & Ryleah for an hour or so. Ryleah is just the cutest. And it was fun hanging out since we’ll all be on a cruise together in just a few months!

Then we went back to Lisa’s condo to get showered for dinner. We went to Greenwood Farms for dinner. It’s this cute little out of the way places. I’ve found those are usually the best, and this was no exception. Here’s what I had for dinner:Dinner at Greenwood Farms in MD After we ate we went out back. Behind the restaurant they have a big pen with goats and fat geese. Big fat geese at Greenwood Farms You can buy feed to feed them. There was this one horned goat there. He was great. One horned goat at Greenwood Farms
We went to an early dinner and we weren’t quite ready to call it a night. So we went back up to the Boardwalk to people watch. This drunk redneck (yep, they are all over, not just in the South) came up and stood like a foot in front of me, yelling over us to some lady. He was holding a big, stuffed animal. Michele said something like “That’s a mighty big bear you’ve got there.” He grabbed his package and told us he had something else big he could show us. No thank you, please move along. Before he left he put his hand on my shoulder and leaned down and told me “May your legs never grow together.” Ahh, there’s nothing like meeting a silver tongued devil at the beach!

After Drunk Dan wondered off we headed back to the condo, called our boys, and watched a movie before falling asleep.

Next: Delaware! More traffic! More crabcakes! Men with no faces! And baby time!