Things are sweeter in Tennessee*

CSP & I have a bit of wanderlust in us right now. We’ve always lived where we’ve lived because our parents took us there. Currently we live in a suburb of Charlotte. We’ve both been in the Charlotte area since 1990 when (separately) our parents moved us here. Periodically we’ll talk about where we might want to live. For the last few months we’ve been thinking Tennessee. I’ve narrowed it down to the Knoxville area. The cost of living is lower, it’s still only a couple hours to the mountain house & Atlanta (IKEA), they have an airport, and it’s apparently beautiful there. We wouldn’t move for a few years (4-5) yet. We’ll probably have to sell this house to make enough money to pay for adoption #2 so we’d have to move anyway, why not start somewhere new and fresh? It’s still just a thought tumbling round in our little heads, no hard and fast plans. Especially because the farthest into TN either of us have ever been is State Line Fireworks! Ha! Looks like we’ll have to visit the Volunteer State sometime!

*lyrics from The Wreckers.

13 thoughts on “Things are sweeter in Tennessee*

  1. I lived in Nashville while I went to Vanderbilt and I really enjoyed it. It’s a lovely state and Nashville itself is really growing up. In many ways I would not mind living there … though I’m a bit unaccustomed to the heat and all my family is in CO. It’ll be fun to see what you decide. 🙂

  2. I have been to Knoxville and gaitlinburg and they are both wonderful fun places, and just think you will be so close to Dollywood!

  3. I’ve always been fascinated by Tennessee. I would like to live in the South someday, likely TN or Birmingham. Good luck with your decision.

  4. Knoxville is beautiful, and you are spot on with the cost of living. B’s brother lives there. He and his wife have 3 kids, and live comfortably on one income due to the low costs of housing and tax-free essentials. Also, for future reference: Tennessee has excellent schools.

    I am just glad you staying on the east coast and will remain close enough to still hang with the Tiara Girls.

    But – how are you going to handle being that far way from Jake and Joey?

  5. My parents honeymooned in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. I grew up going there on vacations! Of course, it’s really close to Indiana! Beautiful state. Smoky Mountains are gorgeous. Good luck with your decision! Or, you could move to upstate New York and be close to us! 🙂

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