Baltimore Babes, Carolina Bound

Monday May 26th

Today we woke up early and got the condo all cleaned up. We packed up our bags and hit the road for Baltimore. Lisa drove us home through Delaware (such a teeninie state!). I’ve never been to Delaware so it was cool to go to another new place. We stopped at Rehoboth Beach for lunch and a little sight seeing. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware We had lunch at Louie’s Pizza. Louie's Pizza in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware It’s another place Lisa has been going for her whole life. I was so excited to finally see all these places I’d heard about for so long. We picked up some caramel popcorn from Dolle’s Dolle's in Rehoboth Beach, Delawarebefore getting back in the car. Dolle's caramel popcorn.  Yum! Then we stopped at some great outlets. Delaware doesn’t have any sales tax and these stores were true outlets (not those fake ones that trick you into thinking you’re getting a good deal) so we scored big time. I got CSP a swim suit for the cruise. Michele & Lisa made out really well at the Disney outlet. Then we hit the road again. We picked up cherry limeades from Sonic on the way home. Why there isn’t a Sonic in Baltimore is beyond me. I have 2 within 5 miles of my house and poor Lisie doesn’t have a single one!

(this is a long one, so settle in and I’ll see you after the jump)

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