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Biting the hand that heals you

I clench my teeth at night and I’ve been using store bought bite/night/teeth guards but I’ve still been getting mega headaches. So I went to the dentist and they made impressions and sent them off to the lab to make me a new bite guard. I went in to get it fitted when the lab delivered it. My dentist is this sweet, soft spoken lady. She was trying to fit it in my mouth and I kept telling her it was hurting. She said my teeth must of shifted. I thought that was weird cause it had only been 2 weeks! Plus, this bite guard was for the bottom teeth which was weird cause my old dentist bite guard was for my top teeth. At one point she said Bite down sss so I did bite down. But I got her finger! Apparently she was trying to say bite down slowly but I was too quick. Poor lady jumped pretty high!

So she kept pushing it in and I kept complaining and finally she grabbed the impressions. They weren’t my teeth! Turns out the lab had sent the wrong guard. No wonder it hurt! She said they’d call me when the right guard came in. Well I got a call and now I have to go back for more impressions on Thursday cause the lab lost mine. Ugh!

It will make 4 trips just for one bite guard!  BUT my dental hygienist is trying to get me a baby!  She knows a lady who might want to give up her baby for adoption.  I’ve got all my peeps on baby watch!