Little obsessions

~Meringue cookies. Trader Joe’s has these amazing meringues. YUM. I wanted to try and make my own. First with sugar, then with Splenda. But I can’t get my eggs to whip up. Ugh.  My poor mixer was all hot, it was working so hard.  CSP finally made me give it up.  But I’ll be trying again soon.

~Scrabulous on FacebookBethanie and I play almost nightly.  CSP & Mr. Bethanie make fun of us constantly.  I told CSP that I was keeping my brain sharp by playing.  So now CSP will walk by the computer when I’m playing and say “Sharpening your brain again?”.  Nerd.

-My Crackberry.  I’m obsessed with downloading free themes, games, and wallpapers. It’s going to be so hard when we shut off the internet/email service.  I’m a texting, emailing fool.