Biting the hand that heals you

I clench my teeth at night and I’ve been using store bought bite/night/teeth guards but I’ve still been getting mega headaches. So I went to the dentist and they made impressions and sent them off to the lab to make me a new bite guard. I went in to get it fitted when the lab delivered it. My dentist is this sweet, soft spoken lady. She was trying to fit it in my mouth and I kept telling her it was hurting. She said my teeth must of shifted. I thought that was weird cause it had only been 2 weeks! Plus, this bite guard was for the bottom teeth which was weird cause my old dentist bite guard was for my top teeth. At one point she said Bite down sss so I did bite down. But I got her finger! Apparently she was trying to say bite down slowly but I was too quick. Poor lady jumped pretty high!

So she kept pushing it in and I kept complaining and finally she grabbed the impressions. They weren’t my teeth! Turns out the lab had sent the wrong guard. No wonder it hurt! She said they’d call me when the right guard came in. Well I got a call and now I have to go back for more impressions on Thursday cause the lab lost mine. Ugh!

It will make 4 trips just for one bite guard!  BUT my dental hygienist is trying to get me a baby!  She knows a lady who might want to give up her baby for adoption.  I’ve got all my peeps on baby watch!

8 thoughts on “Biting the hand that heals you

  1. snort… sounds like something I would do bite the dentist… well I have puked on all of mine… I have a really easy gag reflex and well they always hit it just right… I feel bad for them lol…

  2. I throw up on my dentists too!! The impressions are the WORST. ew. yick.

    You know I got my ears peeled for you on the baby thing. I think about yall a lot and my ears perk up every time I hear something about adoption. I just know it wont be long and we will be spoiling your little one totally rotten 🙂

  3. I work for an orthodontist and your teeth can actually shift in less than two weeks! I never would have guessed that, but when the kids get their braces off we have them come back no later than 7 days after to pick up their retainers or they won’t fit properly. Wierd! I think that is so cool that you have all of your “peeps” on babywatch!

  4. HahahahaHA! When I was little, I bit my dentist every time he had to use the gas on me. I had nightmares that monsters were chasing me and all sorts of horrors were happening to me, and then I’d hear, “Open, Hon. Open! You’re biting me!!!” Poor Dr. Yates. LOL. I swear it was never intentional, but it’s a wonder I didn’t pee my pants I was so scared with many of those dreams/hallucinations.

  5. first off, you will LOVE the mouth guard. i use to wake up feeling like i’d been hit by a truck even with a soft guard from the dentist but now that i got a hard plastic guard i feel great. when i get my braces off i will have one that goes on my lower teeth like what you are talking about. second, woohoo on the baby front. a private ‘local’ adoption would rock.

  6. I knew a guy who punched his dentist once. that just got him a liftime supply of dentist prescribed valium for “nerves” I never heard of a grownup that bit one though! HA HA HA….

    I can’t believe they sent the wrong ones. Whose were they? Cause that poor person probably will have to go back 4 times as well, right? what a mess!
    You know I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the baby!!

  7. I’m a grinder as well. Get migraines from them so I have to get a night guard as well. Oooh let us know what happens with the baby!!! Good luck!!

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