Strange Mail & Search Terms

My favorite search term used to find my blog this week is “anal pickle”. Not exactly sure how those words brought someone to my blog. Mostly I talk about pugs and my daily life. And in my life never have those two terms been used together in any way!

Also, I received some strange mail last week. CSP brought the mail in and handed it to me. I was flipping through…the usual…flyers, bills, and a leaf. Yep, a leaf. My father mailed me a leaf.  Click to enlarge. My father mailed me a leaf. That’s how it came in the mail. Nothing written on the back. I called him and asked him about it and he said he thought I would think it was neat.  Now it’s got me thinking what can I mail that’s weird and not in an envelope?

6 thoughts on “Strange Mail & Search Terms”

  1. I am very surprised that the USPS delivered it. I wonder what other random stuff you can stick a stamp and an address on and mail…

  2. I read in a magazine once (probably all the way back in the 80’s) that you can mail just about anything if you put the correct postage & address on it. They had a picture of a shoe with the address written right on the sole (think men’s dress shoe with black smooth sole with white paint pen for the addy) & postage, too. Fun stuff, huh? I think you’re not allowed to mail glass or dangerous things, but otherwise, just use your imagination.

  3. thats so fun.. and kind of sweet. I know my dad wouldnt have thought of it. cute

  4. A friend of mine mails regular photos as post cards all time. Noodle also one time got a small plastic bottle in the mail that was a birthday party invite that had sands and shells in it, a Hula Party theme.

  5. I have mailed tons of odd things…a clear baby bottle that had all kinds of things in it including an invitation to a baby shower, a frisbee, a plastic banana attached to a pair of rubber stamped boxer shorts (to my son in college), a dammit doll, a flatened out poptart box, a plastic fish that pulled apart to store goodies in (taped so it didn’t pull apart in the mail), a wooden block, a white tube sock…the list goes on and on. As long as it isn’t breakable, or alive and you can afix postage to it, you can mail almost anything!

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