Wax on, wax off

I can’t shave my legs with a regular razor.  I have pretty sever excema and a razor blade would rip me to shreds.  The last time we had dinner with Marsha & Larry Marsha told me about this wax kit 31sn68ftfcl_sl500_aa280_she bought that she just loves.  I thought I’d give it a try because frankly, the electric razor just isn’t cutting it anymore.  The days leading up to the wax kit’s arrival were full of nightmares.  Hideous images in my head of  3rd degree burns, skin ripping away from my apendages, wax stuck to the pugs.  But somehow, by the grace of God, I have not hurt myself or anyone else!  It’s awesome!  I have baby soft, smooth skin!  Well, in patches.  My attention span is too short to do a full leg at a time.  So currently my legs look like a bad lawn.  But I’m getting there!

So much to say, so much to say

I have lots to tell you.  I promise to post a proper post tomorrow.  Tonight my head hurts so all I can manage is the following bullet list.  (hurts too much to look at the screen)

Things I have to tell you about:

  • Great Wolf Lodge
  • Jacob’s 6th birthday party
  • My cake wreck
  • Movies I’ve seen over the last few days
  • Momo’s 19th birthday celebration

I think there’s more but I can’t remember right now.  I have uploaded a bunch of pics to share as well.  Til tomorrow…xo

Thelma & Louise ain’t got nothing on Gigi

Yesterday I went down to Columbia with my Mom.  She had to take care of some things regarding Gmommy.  For those of you new to this blog, my grandmother- Gmommy- has Alzheimers & is in a nursing home.  So we had to go to the bank & the funeral home (Gmommy’s still alive, just checking on whether she has a pre-purchased plot), etc.  Well, I was running a bit late, and Papa didn’t print something for Gigi that she needed for the trip.  We had an appointment with the bank manager at 11 am and Columbia is 2 hours away.  So Gigi wasn’t in the best of moods. Continue reading

Kinky Veggies

My husband & Iimages3 stopped by the grocery last night after dinner to pick up a movie.  While there we decided to grab a couple of other things too.  One of which was broccoli.  We were in the frozen section looking at the broccoli selections when CSP’s dad started texting me, so I was a little distracted.

CSP: What do you want here? Spears, cuts, florets?

Me: I don’t care.  I just know I like more bush than stem.

CSP: giggles.  Me too.  I definitely like more bush than stem.

In the ghetto…

Guess what we woke up to yesterday?  Our mailbox laying in our yard.  images2Not just bent over, but completely pulled out of the ground- concrete and all!  The HULK must have been partying across the street and decided to impress his date by ripping out our mailbox by the roots.  This makes me angry.  Now, I know, I know, I ran into the neighbor’s mailbox a few months ago.  But it just bent back a little on the stick.  They straightened it out.  No harm, no foul.  I can almost guarandamntee you that one of his 87 children that live there in the house behind the used car lot looking driveway is responsible.  Or one of their punk friends.  Now you know how much I love the mail.  LOVE it.  So I’ve been in a panic worrying about how am I going to get my mail until CSP can get the mailbox put back in the ground.  Today when we went outside we saw that my lovely mail person left our mail on our doorstep.  I heart you mail person!  I will be calling our post office tomorrow to compliment them.  Back to our mailbox, maybe instead of putting the regular one back in the ground we should build one like this: texas-mailbox

Just saying

Gigi: I was taking Aleve and taking Aleve.  Then Hale read the bottle and told me I’m not supposed to take more than 2 a day.  Here I’m popping 3 at a time!

Me:  Mom!

Gigi:  Well they shouldn’t make the writing so small on those bottles!  They’re gonna need to make those bottles bigger so they can make the writing bigger or all the baby boomers are gonna be dead.

Friend Transitions

We moved around a lot while I was growing up, so I don’t have one of those lifelong friends.  I mean, I have Sara, but she’s my sister so she doesn’t count when I’m talking about non blood relative friends.  I’ve often envied people who are lucky enough to have friends they’ve known all their lives.  On the other hand, I’m glad we moved around to some extent because it taught me to be outgoing and friendly and I met all sorts of people because of it.  All this means that friends have come in and out of my life my whole life.  At first it would be devastating losing a friend.  When you’re in 3rd grade and you move and you don’t have the internet or Twitter or texting on your mobile phones then staying in touch becomes much more difficult.  Recently I reconnected with some friends from middle & high school (I went to 3 high schools) and I saw that the core group of them are still friends who get together all the time and vacation together.  I love that. Continue reading