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Red Star Spike

Cool plant from IKEA Nanny bought me this cool plant and pot at IKEA while she was in town. I just love the way it looks on the half wall between the dining room and the living room. I hope I can keep it alive! I have a bit of a black thumb! *Ok, so just learned while finding the links for this plant that it is ideally an outdoor plant.  Sigh.

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In the ghetto…

Guess what we woke up to yesterday?  Our mailbox laying in our yard.  images2Not just bent over, but completely pulled out of the ground- concrete and all!  The HULK must have been partying across the street and decided to impress his date by ripping out our mailbox by the roots.  This makes me angry.  Now, I know, I know, I ran into the neighbor’s mailbox a few months ago.  But it just bent back a little on the stick.  They straightened it out.  No harm, no foul.  I can almost guarandamntee you that one of his 87 children that live there in the house behind the used car lot looking driveway is responsible.  Or one of their punk friends.  Now you know how much I love the mail.  LOVE it.  So I’ve been in a panic worrying about how am I going to get my mail until CSP can get the mailbox put back in the ground.  Today when we went outside we saw that my lovely mail person left our mail on our doorstep.  I heart you mail person!  I will be calling our post office tomorrow to compliment them.  Back to our mailbox, maybe instead of putting the regular one back in the ground we should build one like this: texas-mailbox