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Friend Transitions

We moved around a lot while I was growing up, so I don’t have one of those lifelong friends.  I mean, I have Sara, but she’s my sister so she doesn’t count when I’m talking about non blood relative friends.  I’ve often envied people who are lucky enough to have friends they’ve known all their lives.  On the other hand, I’m glad we moved around to some extent because it taught me to be outgoing and friendly and I met all sorts of people because of it.  All this means that friends have come in and out of my life my whole life.  At first it would be devastating losing a friend.  When you’re in 3rd grade and you move and you don’t have the internet or Twitter or texting on your mobile phones then staying in touch becomes much more difficult.  Recently I reconnected with some friends from middle & high school (I went to 3 high schools) and I saw that the core group of them are still friends who get together all the time and vacation together.  I love that. Continue reading “Friend Transitions”