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Wake Forest, you’ve got some spleening to do

Monday I woke up at the crack of dawn, not even- it was still dark out, and went over to my sister Sara‘s house.  She hopped in the car and we hit the highway, bound for Winston-Salem.  It wasn’t a bad drive up, and we had Sara’s MIL’s TomTom to guide us.  George, the TomTom guy, would scare me though.  It would be quiet then he would start yelling about turning in 800 yards.  I’m no mathmetician George.  Anyway, we got to the hospital (Wake Forest University Baptist) at 9am and checked in.  About 30 minutes later a nurse brought us back and took Sara’s vitals then sat us down in a room.  Where we waited, and waited, and waited.  Forty five minutes later a woman doctor came in to see us.  But we were there to see a man doctor.  Woman doctor felt Sara up and asked a bunch of questions.  She never wrote a thing down.  Odd.  Then she left, saying she’d be right back with the man doctor.  A half hour passed before they both came into the room.  Man doctor spent less than 10 minutes in the room with us and never laid his hands on Sara.  Then he sent us to have blood drawn.  They took her blood and we left.  We were there a total of 3 hours and spent 15 minutes with medical personnel.  SO FRUSTRATING.

Here are some of the things they told us:

Sara asked what types of tests they’d be running on her blood.

Man Doctor: Well, there’s no point in me telling you that.  You aren’t a medical student.  We’ll run the tests and when I get around to it I’ll send a letter back to your Charlotte doctor.  It might take a week or two.

Sara:  What about my spleen?

Woman Doctor:  Well, I didn’t feel it today.

Sara:  But it really bothers me.  It hurts, it burns, it makes it hard to breathe.

Woman Doctor:  Well spleens do bother some people.  You could take Tylenol for it.  Oh, but with your digestive issues I wouldn’t do that.

So.  4 hours driving to and from the hospital.  3 hours in hospital.  $80 co-pay.  15 minutes with doctors.  And we still know nothing.  It was the most frustrating day.  I pray that the blood tests come back with some answers at least.

9 thoughts on “Wake Forest, you’ve got some spleening to do”

  1. OK, so that is total bull. She has every right to know what panel is being run on her blood! That doctor sure had an ego…That makes me crazy just hearing that!!!

    I hope they figure things out. Are there any other hospitals she can go to for help?


  2. sounds like my ER visit last week… sucks totally… and I would of demanded a list of what they are doing with MY BLOOD… jerk offs…


  3. How frustrating! You go to a medical professional to hopefully get some answers and be comforted by them actually explaining a treatment plan…that doctor sounds like such BS.


  4. Sara needs to have a fit in a doctor’s office. I mean a screaming stop being an idiot doctor and tell me what the F is wrong with me FIGHT with the doctor. Doctor’s aren’t Gods. They’re people. That is total BULLS— he pulled with your sister. I would seriously call the office manager and complain and then i would call his nurse and DEMAND that a list of tests ordered be sent to her right then. What kind of crap is that?


  5. UGH. I hate Dr’s who get that Oh so mighty Lord High Muckety Muck additude. Just because they went to med school. They forget that THEY WORK FOR YOU.HOW DARE HE? tell you that basically you were on a “need to know basis” Holy crap.

    I will be praying that the tests bring yall some answers though.


  6. What an ass that doctor is. You don’t need to be a medical student to know what kind of work you are having. And to ignore the pain in the spleen. Go to another university hospital. I’m sorry the search continues.


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