Stealth ogre hairs

I look at my face every day.  It’s right there on the front of my big head, so it’s kind of hard to miss.  And I’m a girlie girl.  I don’t like pimples or anything unsightly riding around on my face.   So imagine my shock and dismay when I found a hair hanging out on my neck just under my chin the other day.  I went to brush it away thinking  it had just gotten stuck there on its decent from my head to the floor.  But it didn’t move.  It was attached!  I was horrified!  It was long!  Well, like a half inch.  But still!  It was long enough to start curling.  You just gasped didn’t you?  Recoiled?  Did you recoil?  It’s ok.  I did.  How on Earth could a hair have grown that long without me noticing??  I yanked that sucker out so fast.  I almost showed it to CSP I was so amazed.  Then I got a hold of myself.  Imagine what a sexy image I would have put in his head.  Hey baby, wanna stroke my long neck hair while we make out?  You can put a bead on the end of it.  Oh yeah.

Well.  That does it.  Not only am I going to have to hire a personal man servant to unpack, unload and put away things (oh, the bother); now I’m going to have to hire his brother to go over my entire face & neck area daily with a bright light, a magnifying glass & some tweezers.  It is so exhausting being a girl!

10 thoughts on “Stealth ogre hairs

  1. Oh geez Shanny, I think I just spewed coffee all over my house laughing! Doesn’t that sort of horrifying stuff always happen to us girls??? Men just dont’ care, perhaps that’s why they have hair growing out of their ears and stuff. At least you found it, can you imagine how awkward it would have been for CSP to have to tell you about it??? Thanks for the laugh.

  2. ugh. I’ve been pulling those horrifying hairs out for years. About 3 years ago, they started to turn GRAY! Talk about sexy! I am so super fly it’s unbelievable!! LOL

  3. Don’t tell Terry but I’ve been pulling those hairs out of my “chin” for a few years now. It’s disturbing and completely horrific. I vaugely feel like I’m one step away from green skin, a broom and scaring children by threatening them and their little dog, too!

  4. Oh god.. that is funny but at the same time.. not really!

    I have one that grows on forehead right between my eye brows. I never notice it til it is nice and long. It doesn’t curl though.. it just sticks straight out and its like a blondy/grey and I have brown hair!!! Nothing on the chin yet though…

  5. OK, I’ve *never* told anyone this before. But … occasionally, I get this *really* annoying and gross black hair that pops up on the right side of my chin on occasion. It’s just *one* hair, and I have no idea why it grows there. When I happen to notice it, I yank that sucker out *so* fast! LOL! 🙂 It just keeps coming back. I heard something funny that a comedian said not too long ago … as we grow older, we turn into our FATHERS! haha 🙂

  6. ohhh girl. thanks to PCOS, I can grow a beard better than Steven’s. I use a cream about every other day. Good grief let it go one day longer than I should? I look gender confused! ahhh the price of femininity.

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