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Day 18 of 30 Days of Thanks- My era

I am thankful to have been born when I was.  Not only because had I been born in another era I wouldn’t have met CSP & all my friends etc, but because of modern day luxuries.  God bless those people who lived in pioneer days and even before.  I wouldn’t have done well with no deodorant, hair product, mascara, lip gloss, moisturizer, you get the picture.  Not to mention medical advancements.  I surely would have died in my early thirties had I been born 100 years ago!  When my fallopian tube twisted and became engorged it got the doctors excited at the hospital- and that was in the mid 2000s!   They surely wouldn’t have known what to do with me in the 1800s!  And that was just the start of my surgical adventures!

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Things I am truly BAD at

There are some things I just can not do.  Or, at least can not do well.

  • Sing.  Sure, I can physically sing a song, but it won’t be in any key you’ve ever heard, although your dog might join in.
  • Dance.  I have no rhythm.  None.  Even when I’ve had a couple grown up drinks and think I do?  I do not.
  • Back up in a car.  Just ask my recycle bins, shrubbery, and neighborhood children.
  • Cut things.  I can not chop, slice, dice, or Julienne.  I mean I can do it, but my knife skills rival that of a blind 2 year old.  Once at my birthday dinner my MIL wanted me to cut the cake, which was a beautiful cheesecake she made from scratch.  I made one erratic, sloppy slice that took considerable effort on my part (and I thought looked pretty good for me) and my MIL quickly gathered everything up and ran back to the kitchen to cut the cake herself.
  • Stay still.  I’m a fidgeter.  I have tons of nervous energy.  I just can’t be still.  Waiting in a line quietly is full on TORTURE.
  • Watch a movie without saying a word, laughing out loud, crying out loud, or screaming.   I can’t help myself, I get into movies.  Don’t believe me?  Ask my sisters why they fight about who HAS to sit next to me, not who GETS to.
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Specs & Bangs

Last summer I was outfitted with glasses.  I’m still not used to them!  I forget they’re on all the time.  I try to scratch my eye and poke myself right in the glasses.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve gotten in the shower with them on and it’s very awkward when I try to put my CPAP mask on my head and my glasses are in the way!  I do like the way they help me see though.  I only have to wear them for task related things but isn’t everything you do a task?  In an unrelated note, I’m back to wearing bangs.  I asked CSP if he liked me better with or without bangs and he said “Oh God WITH!”  Okaaaay…who knew for the last 8 or so years I’ve been running around with no bangs that he’s been secretly wishing and hoping for some hair to cover my five-head?

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The heat must bring out the rude in people

I may be the only person in the Carolinas who’s not looking forward to Summer.  I sometimes wish we lived in Canada or Alaska so it would stay cool all year.  Mainly because I don’t like wearing shorter sleeves.  Not because of the sleeves themselves, but the people.  Recently I was out and about and ran into a woman I’ve met maybe 3 times.  I was wearing a shirt with 3/4 length sleeves.  Actually it was the Penelope shirt!  The woman looked at me and instead of the normal Hello greeting she said “Girl, what the hell is going on with your arms???”  I was mortified.  I have severe eczema and it really affects my forearms.  I don’t know why I don’t have it on places no one can see.  I’m used to people looking at me funny, esp at drive thrus or other places where I’m exchanging money for goods.  People look at my arms like I’ve been a victim of an acid attack.  And frankly, that is what it looks like.  During the winter (when I get to wear long sleeves, natch) my eczema is better.  When it starts to get warm out the heat flares it up and the patches look really red and angry.  But that DOES NOT give anyone the right to embarrass me like that!  And in front of people!  I would never look back at her and say anything like “Girl, what is UP with your hair?”

If you are unfamiliar with eczema and what it looks like, my arms look very similar to this: It’s not fun.  Luckily I have pretty good self esteem and a husband who thinks I’m beautiful even with my spots. Now, before you start listing all the “cures” for eczema, please know that while I appreciate it, I’ve heard – and tried- them all before.  I’ve been dealing with this for 20 years.  I’ve tried every bath, cream, pill, spray, balm that you could think of.  Bottom line is that there is no cure, only temporary remedies.   Just do me this favor- please teach your children to not stare.  That eczema and psoriasis and the like are not contagious.  That unwanted comments are just that- unwanted.  That the only license you could have to make comments would be a medical license.  And if you weren’t aware of this, now you know.  I really don’t want to go through another summer having to educate the ignorant in how to be polite.

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5 minutes with myself 10 years ago

The Daily Post offers up topics about which to write when you’re looking for inspiration for your daily blog posts.  One struck my fancy a few days ago.

If you could go back in time and have a 5 minute conversation with yourself ten years ago, what would you say?

I thought this was pretty interesting because we are coming up on our 10th wedding anniversary, so if I were to go back in time right now to 10 years ago I’d find myself in the final countdown to the wedding.  This is some of what I’d say to myself:
  • Hire a videographer for the wedding.  I know you think you can’t afford it but you’ll regret it years from now that you didn’t.
  • Push that piece of hair out of your face.  It’s caught on your eyebrow and drives you nuts every time you look at your wedding pictures.
  • Tuck some lip gloss in your bra.  You get a little stressed at the reception because you can’t find any.
  • Take that wedding gift money and buy stock in Apple. They are going to invent the iPod and it’s going to change the way the world listens to music.
  • In a few years you’re going to be tempted to build a house by CP Morgan. RUN from this company.  They are the devil and will cause you nothing but stress.
  • One day you’re going to meet a girl who you think will be a great friend.  She’s not.  Don’t waste your time investing in this friendship.
  • Take some more of that wedding money and buy into the Walt Disney Vacation Club.  You’re going to fall in love with their cruise ships and the club will save you money.
  • Spend a little extra time over the next year with Jade and Melissa.  They will both pass away at a young age.
  • Moisturize.  Moisturize even when you think you’ve moisturized plenty.
  • Wear SPF at all times.
  • When you’re selling the house in Fort Mill, don’t run through the kitchen.  There’s water on the floor and you slip causing you to tear your meniscus.  This results in surgery.  Might as well avoid it!
  • Don’t color your hair with box color at home.  You end up with hooker hair.
  • When you’re in Las Vegas next week on your honeymoon, get up a little earlier on your planned Grand Canyon day.  It’s a heck of a lot farther away than you thought!
  • Don’t spend even one second being nervous.  Soak in every second of this week’s wedding activities and next week’s honeymoon.  You’re marrying the best man you’ve ever known.  He’ll make you happy forever.  The best thing you’ve ever done was saying yes.
When I was thinking about this list I thought about maybe warning myself against getting into the China adoption or Guatemala adoption because neither of them worked out.  But so much good came out of all of them.  Friendships were made that would have never been made otherwise and they’ve lasted.  Plus, we are a sum of our experiences and even though it would save some pain and a lot of money and stress, I wouldn’t change anything in regard to the adoptions .  I’m exactly where and who I’m supposed to be now because of all I’ve been through.
What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?
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On Jimmy Fallon the other night they talked about the worst date you’ve ever been on via hash tags on Twitter.  He received some hilarious responses.  Got me thinking about some of my terrible dates.  I kissed a LOT of frogs before I found CSP!

  • One guy took me to dinner at Olive Garden then to a movie.  He kept burping up his dinner all throughout the movie.  Stunk SO bad!  I had to go out for air so I wouldn’t throw up!
  • One guy told me we were going out for Mexican for dinner on our first date.  He took me to Taco Bell.
  • Another guy used a coupon for dinner, stopped at a vending machine and told me I’d better get my movie beverage and snacks at the machine, then I had to pay for my own movie.  I’m all for being frugal but come on!
  • The same guy (I can’t believe I gave him another chance!) and I went to a friend’s house for a barbeque.  Before we all sat down to eat Mr. CheapSkate made himself a sandwich to go, put it in a ziploc bag and put it by the door!  He said he was preparing for work the next day.  I broke up with him there and had someone else take me home!

Tell me about your worst date!

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But I don’t wanna be a crab!!

My birthday is August 3.  Has been for 37.5 years.  I am a textbook Leo.

Positive Traits

Generous and warmhearted
Creative and enthusiastic
Broad-minded and expansive
Faithful and loving

Negative Traits

Pompous and patronizing
Bossy and interfering
Dogmatic and intolerant

Leo Likes: speculative ventures, lavish living, rich food, children, drama, pageantry and grandeur

Leo Dislikes:doing anything safely, day-to-day living, small-minded people, penny-pinching and mean spiritedness

I mean, that’s me to a T!  Then I find out that there’s a new zodiac sign and I’m no longer a Leo??  I’m a crabby Cancer??  No offense to other Cancers, I’m sure y’all are fabulous.

So I pulled up the traits of a Cancer and….well, it seems they kind of fit me too.  Actually they REALLY fit me.  Just as much as Leo!


Positive Traits

Emotional and loving
Intuitive and imaginative
Shrewd and cautious
Protective and sympathetic

Negative Traits

Changeable and moody
Overemotional and touchy
Clinging and unable to let go

Cancer Likes: hobbies, romance, children, parties, home and country.

Cancer Dislikes:failure, opposition, aggravating situations, being told what to do and being given advice…whether good or bad.


And I do love crab legs, but does that make me a cannibal?

Turns out CSP is the new guy, the Opiuchus.  He’s NOTHING like this:

  • Seeker of peace and wisdom
  • Attractor of good luck and jealousy
  • Interpreter of dreams
  • One who reaches for the stars
  • Wearer of plaid (this one is oddly specific)
  • He does wear plaid pj pants though!  Maybe they’re on to something after all!



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    Yesterday I loved myself and today I examine my faults.  At least I’m aware of my faults.  I don’t walk around thinking I’m anywhere near perfect, trust.

    • I take things personally.  I’m not super sensitive crying girl but I take things personally when I know I shouldn’t.  It’s weird.  In my head I’m like “stop it, it’s not like that” but I can’t help myself.
    • I get jealous.  Funnily enough, not about CSP.  I trust him totally.  Now, don’t you hussies go running off to try and snag him! ha!  I get friend jealous.  Like if I hear a friend is out with someone other than me.  Again, something my head knows is weird.  I don’t act on it or say anything, I just have a second or two of sulk.
    • I’m a planner, which is a good thing.  But when things don’t go according to plan I get out of sorts. The older I get the better I get at dealing with it, but it still sucks.
    • I have zero time management skills.  I’m almost always late for things.  I try really hard to get everywhere on time but it just doesn’t seem to happen.
    • I have anxiety.  Like to the point that I’m on meds for it.  That’s not something I can help so it’s not really a fault per se, but it contributes to the faults.  See above.
    • I start way too many projects at once.  This inevitably leads to not being able to finish everything in a timely manner.  Case in point: the scarf I’ve been knitting off and on for Morgan for over 2 years.
    • I don’t always stand up for myself like I should.
    • It drives me crazy when someone doesn’t like me.  I know I’m a nice person and a good friend so when someone doesn’t like me it blows my mind.
    • If I like something, like a movie for instance, and someone else doesn’t, it doesn’t make sense to me.
    • I can be really bossy.
    • I’m a terrible driver.  But I LOVE to drive.  People are mostly scared to be in the car with me.  My guardian angel is WORN OUT from saving my life all day.  But that angel is doing a great job cause I haven’t been in an accident or gotten a ticket in forever!
    • I’m messy.  In my head I’m uber organized.  I LOVE to be organized.  But I’m a mess.  When I cook it looks like we’ve been robbed.

    Ok, better stop now or I’ll need to call my therapist!


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    <3 me

    What do you love about you?  I saw that as a status update on a friend’s Facebook page.  Got me thinking.  I think periodically we should think about what we love about ourselves.  Give ourselves a lil pat on the back.  So here goes:

    First, the physical:

    • I have good hair.  Sure, it’s baby fine, thin and a little on the frizzy side lately, but it seems to do pretty well most days.  I’m a natural blonde.  Well, I was when I was younger.  Now I’m a chemically enhanced blonde.
    • I have good lips.  They are nice and full with good color.
    • My teeth are pretty white and pretty straight.  This is a minor miracle considering I never had braces.
    • I have a pink natural blush to my cheeks.  It may or may not be rosacea but let’s just go with natural blush.
    • I have a fairly decent complexion.  This is HUGE considering the rest of my skin is a mess.  I have severe eczema and I’m white to the point I’m practically flammable.

    Now, for the not so physical.

    • I’m pretty crafty.  I can paint, knit (sort of), make jewelry, take decent pictures, scrapbook etc.  And I’m great at doing makeup.
    • I have nice handwriting.
    • I’m a good story teller.
    • I’m a good friend.
    • I’m fairly witty (I’ve been told).
    • I’m a great gift giver.

    Alright, I better stop.  Don’t want to give myself a big head.  Ha!  So what do YOU love about YOU?