Florida Fun Day 5

Friday- Day 5:

We woke up and had breakfast. We’d been eating breakfast all week in this room, I wish I could remember what they call it. But it was on the 9th floor and you had to swipe your card to get in. They serve drinks & snacks pretty much all day, then full meals too. And it’s always free. Love that. Anyway, as you can imagine, at breakfast a table was hard to come by. So Friday morning we shared a table with a 7 year old Chinese boy and his grandmother. They were very sweet. He was so excited to talk to us. All it took was me asking if he was going to Disney and he did not stop for 30 minutes! His mom came in there and closed his mouth saying “less talking, more eating”. His grandfather, little brother, and other grandmother also showed up. We were right in the middle of a Chinese family reunion! The grandparents still live in Shanghai and don’t speak English. So I tried out my few Mandarin phrases that I learned from Pimsleur on my iPod. I was so excited because the mom said I had good pronunciation and the grandpa kept giving me the thumbs up! Although the little boy said I didn’t speak it so well. He was so cute!

After breakfast we packed up and checked out and hit the highway headed to Longboat Key. I think that's Sarasota over there.  Taken on our way to Longboat Key My dad gets wooed by hotels all the time because they want him to bring his big annual conference to their properties. So he was going to be touring this resort to see if he could host a conference there. They put us up in this amazing 2 bedroom suite that was bigger than my & CSP’s first house!

While Papa was on his big tour with the sales dude, Mom & I got settled into our room The living room in our suite at Longboat Key Club then changed into our suits and went down to the beach. Longboat Key 2008 We grabbed a little cabana View from my little cabana and spent a couple hours swimming. The private beach at Longboat Key Club The water is so clear you can see shells on the ocean floor even when you can’t touch the bottom. We shelled for a while with our feet, stuffing the shells into our bathing suits. Papa finally joined us so we stuffed his pockets too. I opened my eyes for the first time under sea water. It didn’t sting like I thought it would.
We came in from the beach and dressed for dinner. We ate at this local place called the Dry Dock Grill. It was right next to a marina and, you guessed it, a dry dock. The dock right where we had dinner at Dry Dock Grille in Longboat KeyThe food was alright, but it was definitely the least impressive of all our meals. I didn’t even think to take a picture. After dinner we went back to the hotel for dessert in their restaurant. Gigi's dessert at Longboat Key ClubThere was a dance floor and this man & woman who sang and played the keyboard. We were there maybe 15 minutes when all these people started filing in. You could tell they had just come from a wedding as they were all dressed up, knew each other, and were quite drunk. Nothing like a bunch of rich, white folk cutting a rug. This one couple really cracked me up. He was looking at her like he could not wait to get her out of her dress. And she was dancing all sexy and acting out the song lyrics. She would mime to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” etc. All the while her husband kept dancing, a firm grip on his beer, and he’d whoop every now and then. This other guy would be dancing then for no apparent reason slap his foot down on the dance floor so hard he’d startle everyone. He was a whooper too.

We enjoyed our desserts, hot tea My tea selection at dessert at Longboat Key Club & coffee then retired back to our room.

More pictures here.