Someone out there luvs me

I made it to the WordPress home page again! Thank you WordPress. And trust me, I heart you right back. I’m forever telling people to switch over to WordPress.

I took a look at my stats the other day and noticed some interesting ip addresses. Someone at Random House is still reading me. Has been for a good while now. So hey, RH employee, if you’re tossing around the idea of a book deal? I’m all for it. I mean, if Stuff White People Like & I Can Has Cheezburger can write books, then so can I! I’ve actually been working on 2 different book ideas for a while now. I’m great with people and would be a pro on my book tour!

I want to send some luv back out to the internets now. First, I have to pimp out Bare Minerals again. I’ve been using them for a year and a half now and my skin has never been better. I was wondering too if anyone out there has tried their new blemish thingy. Photobucket I wanna try it but $28 is a little steep if it doesn’t work.
Also I want to pimp out this site I found when I was looking for a spring bag. Mine’s not on there anymore, but I got a super cute white “leather” purse, a pair of sunglasses, and a Coach inspired wristlet Photobucket for less than $40 total!  Fast shipping too.  Go check her out.

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  1. Hey Shanny–I am a BE addict…ok…there I said it!! I have the blemish stuff and IT IS THE BOMB! I use it every day on the places I normally break out–sides of nose and chin. I think it’s good for prevention as well as treatment and it doesn’t make the breakout all dry and nasty while it heals. I enjoy it!!


  2. Maybe the RH people want to send you books? Or else they just like you personally? I have a crazy assortment of people looking at me each day, doctors, Hollywood agents, lawyers. A book deal would be more fun, though.

  3. Yes, Random House, if you’re reading this, I have TONS of ideas, too. *wink* Seriously, I’m like…Nora Roberts but better!

    And I admit to being a name-whore for certain items. I buy crazy expenisve makeup at department stores and I actually own a bunch of coach, D&B, Fendi, Prada, etc. purses. Although, ironically I’m really cheap when it comes to shoes – I rarely buy any that don’t come from Target. Funny, huh?

  4. I am make up retarded. I have had the same bottle of clinique foundation since I bought the stuff for my wedding FOUR years ago. I wear the same plum eyeshadow and liner, great lash mascara and the same burts bees cranberry lip schmear that I have since forever. What is bare whatever it is?

    I am also pocketbook challened. am I soposed to wear certain ones in different seasons?

  5. I have the Bare Minerals blemish stuff! I haven’t used it long enough to make a real review but so far I like it. It seems to take out a lot of the redness and doesn’t make me dry or flaky (a big problem I have with benzoyl peroxide). I had read that sulfur (a main ingredient) was a great acne treatment because it works to kill bacteria, so that’s why I decided to give this a try. The price is a bit steep, but I think the powder format and application with the little brush will make it last a long time.

    If blackheads are your problem, I recommend Mandelic Acid. It’s a newer alpha hydroxy acid that I just found out about. I am using a sample right now and although its very strong it is the first thing I have ever tried that seems to really be clearing up my pores, especially the nose!

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