Sit & Knit

Thursday night my friend Kimberly & I attended my first Sit & Knit (that I organized thankyouverymuch). We had dinner first, where I took this pic of my ice: Ice, ice baby then we met up with a few other ladies for chatting and knitting.Heather teaching Kimberly how to knit at the Sit & Knit It was a lot of fun. One lady, Heather, man is she amazing with the knitting! I can hardly even talk about it. She makes things you would totally think came from a store. I can knit rectangles. Oy. I’ll get there though. I’m currently knitting a blanket for the Linus Project. Once I’m finished with that I hope to move on to a different shaped thing!

Finally….my Spring PhoBloDays!!!

Welcome! For those of you just joining us, four times a year I ask my bloggy peeps to document their days through photos. We document a Friday &/or a Saturday. Then everyone posts their photos on their blogs &/or the PhoBloDays Flickr Group. I post a link to the participants here on my blog so everyone can go see what everyone else is up to.

I LOVE PhoBloDays. I love seeing your worlds through your point of view.

On with the show! Click below:

Thanks to those who played!

Now…on to my days!

Friday: This is the first thing I saw when I woke up: Wake up Mom! I got up and ironed CSP’s work clothes. Ironing Jon's work clothes Then went downstairs and had breakfast. Took care of the pugs and did a little house cleaning. Then answered emails and checked out some blogs: Checking email & blogs Then I got showered and dressed and headed out to have lunch with a friend. Lunch and walking around in downtown Concord I took her a little present I painted her. A giant clothes pin I thought would be cute for holding pictures or recipes etc. Julie's big clothes pin I painted She seemed to really like it so that’s good! After lunch we walked around and checked out some local shops. Then we parted ways and I proceeded to get quite lost on the way home. Got lost on the way home from lunch I so need a GPS!
Now, here’s where things get a little fuzzy. I forgot to take any more pics of my day! And now that I’m trying to blog it, I don’t quite remember much of what else happened. Must not have been too exciting!
Oh well, on to Saturday!
I woke up in much the same manner as Friday: This is what I wake up to now! Ironed again. Ironing Jon's work clothes Had breakfast, took care of the pugs, checked email, then worked some more on our taxes. Still working on our taxes! I know I’m past the deadline but I filed an extension. It’s a long story. I gave up on our taxes for the day and went to the park to meet up with Sara & the boys & some friends. Jacob at the parkJoey at the park We hung out and took pictures of the kids while they played until it started to rain. So I drove home in the rain Driving home from the park in the rain When I got home I got dolled up and ready to go to dinner with some friends. En fuego!  Dinner was on fire Saturday nightEn fuego!  Dinner was on fire Saturday nightAfter dinner we went back to Kimberly’s house and played her Wii. So fun! Playing Wii at Kimberly's house Zoe came over. Zoe doesn't quite get how to carry things in her mouth without blocking her vision Zoe played hard too and fell asleep on Kim’s daughter Ciela: Zoe fell asleep on Ciela It was a long, fun day so we went home and straight to bed!
*click on all photos to enlarge. More photos here!