Round up

  • Who out there is on Facebook that I don’t know about yet?
  • Anyone else Twitter?
  • I forgot to mention that after that horrible dinner with the cheapskate in Florida we went back to the hotel and called the restaurant. They said they would credit my card the difference. So I waited and waited and finally a credit showed up of $24.01. Odd amount. No where close to what they should have credited me, which was at least $48.
  • The other day I was going through the mail with CSP next to me on the sofa. I handed him a post card and he said “Great Clips?? Do they miss me?? If you hold out long enough between haircuts they send you a coupon!” He once went 9 months without a haircut. It was the 9 months before our wedding. I could have killed him. He swears he’s saving us money by getting his hair cut at the chop shops but his hair product costs more than mine!
  • Zoe’s getting so big! I’ll post photos tomorrow. I wish she’d stay little forever!