Stealth ogre hairs

I look at my face every day.  It’s right there on the front of my big head, so it’s kind of hard to miss.  And I’m a girlie girl.  I don’t like pimples or anything unsightly riding around on my face.   So imagine my shock and dismay when I found a hair hanging out on my neck just under my chin the other day.  I went to brush it away thinking  it had just gotten stuck there on its decent from my head to the floor.  But it didn’t move.  It was attached!  I was horrified!  It was long!  Well, like a half inch.  But still!  It was long enough to start curling.  You just gasped didn’t you?  Recoiled?  Did you recoil?  It’s ok.  I did.  How on Earth could a hair have grown that long without me noticing??  I yanked that sucker out so fast.  I almost showed it to CSP I was so amazed.  Then I got a hold of myself.  Imagine what a sexy image I would have put in his head.  Hey baby, wanna stroke my long neck hair while we make out?  You can put a bead on the end of it.  Oh yeah.

Well.  That does it.  Not only am I going to have to hire a personal man servant to unpack, unload and put away things (oh, the bother); now I’m going to have to hire his brother to go over my entire face & neck area daily with a bright light, a magnifying glass & some tweezers.  It is so exhausting being a girl!