Florida fun day 3

Wednesday- Day 3:

I forgot to add that on Monday night the some of the tvs in the sports bar and ice cream parlor in the hotel were tuned to Dancing with the Stars and people were crowded around like it was the World Cup! It was hilarious!

So, on to day 3. Mom & I got up and had breakfast then headed out to Walgreen’s again. We also stopped at one of those big souvenir stores that every beach has with a million t shirts and shell jewelry. They were also selling dead baby looking sharks in a bottle. Disgusting! We found a nail salon and had pedicures. It was so nice. My hooves hadn’t seen the business end of a pumice stone in far too long. We went to find a good salad for lunch but with our limited knowledge of where we were we ended up at TGIFriday’s. I KNOW. Don’t even get me started. I don’t like corporate chains to begin with but I HATE going to a chain on vacation! But our salads were really good. After lunch we went back to the hotel and changed in to our swimsuits. We went down to the pool & hot tub. While we were in the hot tub this little girl came over and sat down on the edge and started splashing her legs with some of the water. I told her the water was really hot and she said “That’s ok, I’m equalizing.” She was 3 years old! Saying equalize! So she got in and we were chatting with her and her dad. Lucky girl, her dad works for Universal in NY somewhere and he has to go to Orlando a lot so he brings her and they go to Disney. She’s already been 20 times he said! And she’s only 3! When it was time to get out of the hot tub she said “But Daddy I want to bubble- ize some more!” SO CUTE!

After equalizing and bubblizing we took a little nap then got dressed and walked back to Downtown Disney, which my mom kept referring to as Disney Uptown or Disney Town, and met up with an old friend of my mom’s and her boyfriend for dinner at Fulton’s Crab House.Fulton's crab house I got the trio: My seafood dinner at Fulton's It was pretty good but man was it pricey! Mine was one of the cheapest things on the menu and it was $39! Mom’s friend’s boyfriend got the biggest lobster I’ve ever seen on a plate: Ginormous lobster dinner our dinner mate ordered. On the way back from dinner Mom & I took some pics of Downtown Disney. Lego dragon in Downtown Disney The rest of my pics are here.