When in Rome

We won’t be going to Disney while in Orlando next week.  Gasp!  I know.  But it’s so pricey.  I don’t really mind.  It’s just my mom & me for the most part.  Papa will be able to join us a little bit.  SO, what are some things we should go do while in Orlando outside of a theme park?  We may have access to the rental car, but we might have to walk or rely on the hotel shuttle some too.  Load me up with ideas people!

April showers

I love that it’s still nice and cool out. I am in no hurry to start sweating in 80 degree heat.April 2008 This month is going to be a busy one. LOTS of birthdays. Morgan, my Pappy (he passed away last year & it’s a hard time for my Nanny), my BIL Marc, Papa, Marc’s Mom, Ani, Tammy. Taxes are due (still not finished with those). I’ve got a huge event I’m planning for my mom’s group. Did I tell y’all that I’m the events manager now? And my first big event is the 2nd anniversary of the group- a big party for a couple hundred families. And I can’t go. It’s Momo’s prom so I’ll be staying down there with her and Mom to do makeup and take loads of pics. Hopefully though I’ll have everything planned out nicely so it will go well. Oh, and I leave for Florida in less than a week for a week of fun in the sun. Papa’s got a big conference in Orlando and my Mom’s going with him. She invited me to go with to keep her company while he’s working. It’s going to be lots of fun. We’re staying at the Hilton at Downtown Disney. Poor CSP is gonna be a single dad of 3 for a week though. Y’all might wanna check in on him.

***I’ve gotten some comments & questions regarding my calendar.  Thank you for the compliments!  I draw it on my fridge every month using dry erase neon markers.  Easy peasy and it’s right where we all can see it!  I get my markers here.