Mishmash, a plethora, a bevy if you will, of slightly related items

This morning Joey and I went out to breakfast. Joey at the Meet & Greet at IHOP We met up with a bunch of moms from my mom’s group at IHOP. It was fun to see everyone and meet a couple of new people. I tell ya though, I am going to have to buy stock in Purell or something. We went potty twice at IHOP and both times he touched more germy surfaces then you could shake a stick at. Lifting the seat, flushing the toilet with his hand, holding on to the rim. Ewww. I got him all scrubbed up afterwards and purelled the bejeeebus out of his little hands when we got back in the truck. He was so cute the whole time. “I like pancakes Shanny.”Aunt Shanny & Joey out for the day!

We went by Target before I took him back home. A Chik Fil A was having their grand opening next to the Target and I slowed down so he could wave to the cow. Of course when I dropped him off and we told Sara about our morning she pointed out that I have tinted windows in the back seat. So all the people on the street saw was a crazy woman honking and waving at a cow. Doh!

Speaking of my mom’s group, one of our members, Christina, just started her own blog. Go check her out and say hi!

When I got home today I noticed I had lost an earring somewhere along the way. Who knows how long I was rocking the 80’s one earring look?!?

Oh hey, mark your calendars! The Spring Edition of Photo Bloggy Days will be Friday and Saturday April 18 & 19! Join our PhoBloDays flickr group if you’d like. I’ll be posting reminders and rules later on.

Also speaking of my mom’s group, I’m really excited because I’m starting some new things over there and people are really responding well. By new I mean I lovingly “borrowed” some ideas from other groups I know about and am using them there. I started a monthly Sit & Knit where we’re going to meet up in a coffee shop and knit & chat. Also a monthly Shoot Out where we’ll meet at a park or some other lovely place and take pictures & swap tips & tricks. In relation to the shoot outs I started a twice monthly theme based photo challenge. Our first theme is Spring and while I do enjoy a nice, cool, overcast day I would like a little sunshine so I can take my challenge picture!