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Role reversal

Yesterday I had a doctor apointment then met up with my Mom.  We went to visit my Grandmommy at the nursing home.  She’s in the Alzheimer ward for those of you just joining us.  We took her to the beauty parlor room where Mom washed, cut, and blew out Gmommy’s hair.  Then we took her to dinner at Ruby Tuesday.  After dinner we stopped into the Dollar store.  Gmommy started tearing into bags of candy.  So 2 bags of candy go into my Mom’s buggy.  Gmommy is ALL about the candy.  Mom distracted her before she could get to another one.  But then she was messing with something else.  Mom told her to quit touching stuff and Gmommy caught my eye behind Mom’s back and gave me a big eye roll.  Like “can you believe Mrs. BuzzKill here?”.  It was funny to see her acting like we were 2 kids out with our mom.  We weren’t in the dollar store too long, but just long enough for Gmommy to complain, loudly, that she had to go to the bathroom.  One thing you gotta know about Gmommy is that she’s taken to cursing and using unlady like words sometimes.  Funny, but not funny all at the same time when you’re out in public.  We hustled her into the car and across the street to Kohls.  Mom dropped us off at the curb and I aimed Gmommy for the restrooms.  Well of course we passed a ton of displays and of course every single one caught her eye.  It took us forever to get to the restroom since I had to keep taking things from her and telling her to stop touching things.  Oy, it’s like being out shopping with a squirmy adult toddler.  Mom caught up with us and we picked out some cute tops and pants for Gmommy, along with some cute new pajamas.  Everywhere we went Gmommy would find men to flirt with.  She refused to get in the car for a minute as we were leaving Kohls cause she was waving to and dancing for some man she saw.  Once we were in the car she saw a man walking down the sidewalk and started waving to him.  He started walking toward the car!  Mom had to gun it to get us out of there before my flirty grandmother got us in trouble!  Here she is modeling her new jammies.      Gmommy's pretty in pink We got back to the nursing home and got to work on labeling Gmommy’s clothes with her name and taking off the tags. But we needed her to try on her new pants. I asked her a couple of times to take off her old pants but she wasn’t listening.

Mom:  You have to help her get her pants off.  She’s not going to listen to you while she’s fiddling with that candy.

Me:  Well who bought her the candy?  Not me!

It was like 2 parents fighting over a child.  Boy that was an exhausting outing!  But it was fun.  Gmommy might not remember my name anymore, but she knows we are family and she loves hanging out with us. She dances everywhere we go and has a great time.  Makes it worth all the stop that’s and don’t touch that’s.