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Go Cocks!

Gamecocks that is! Today CSP & I went to USC to visit my little sister Momo who is a freshman there.  It rained on us like we were Noah & Mrs. Noah or something all the way down, and all night too.  Momo met us outside her dorm because there is no parking whatsoever there.  As soon as she got in the car I burst into tears.  That was a bit of a surprise.  Then we went to dinner.  We had a lot of fun chatting and catching up and watching the storm.  After dinner we toured around campus as much as we could in the car.  The rain messed up our touring a bit, but we wanted to show CSP the campus as much as we could since he’d never been.  Then CSP dropped Momo and me off at her dorm while he went to get gas.  He didn’t feel comfy hanging out in an all girl dorm.  So Momo and I went up and hung out for a little while. Momo in her dorm We brought her a big bag of snacks and a cool magnet board and magnets from IKEA.  Momo freshened up Momo primping before class then CSP picked us back up and we dropped Momo off at the athletic center for a class. I cried again. I just love her so much.

Then we headed for home.  Now here’s where it’s kind of funny in that not funny at the time way.  I grew up in the suburbs of Columbia.  We had directions to her dorm.  We both have cell phones.  It took us almost an hour to get to the highway.  At one point we just pulled over and had to wait until Gigi (my Mom) could figure out Mapquest.  About 40 minutes after we finally made it on to the highway I received a text from Google that said “Need directions?  Text DIRECTIONS HELP to Google”.  Are you kidding me???  Yes we needed directions!  2 hours ago!  Ugh!  Good to know for later though.  Apparently all you have to do is text Google your from and to locations with the word “to” in the middle and poof!  Step by step directions on your cell.  Thanks Google.

CSP could NOT be more excited about Momo’s choice of school.  He’s faithfully watching each football game.  A jersey is on his Christmas list.  He ADORES how every time they make a touchdown the rooster crow gets played.  My honey is embracing the South and I love it.  I think it’s part love for his SIL Momo and part the 14 year old boy in him that gets to wear shirts with the word COCKS on it and not get in trouble with my Mom.