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The family that geeks out together…

Today we met up with the in-laws for a late lunch at the Flying Biscuit.  FIL showed off his new iPhone and I managed not to cry in envy.  MIL got a new cell phone too, just a regular one, but one with a camera.  At one point we all had our camera phones out snapping pics of each other like a bunch of techno geeks.  After lunch we went over to Starbucks to continue our conversation over Spiced Pumpkin frappucinos. Yum.  We sorted out plans for the holidays (this year they get us for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve) and I got some gift ideas for the hard to buy relatives.

We left the in-laws and CSP & I stopped at the new Aldi in town to check it out.  Neither of us had never been to an Aldi before.  Aldi and my beloved Trader Joe’s are owned by the same company.  I love the buggy system.  You pay 25 cents for a buggy, but you get the quarter back when you return the buggy.  No stray buggies slamming into cars in the parking lot.  Genius.

Also, you have to buy your bags.  Or, bring them from home like we do.  We use Baggu bags and I just love them.  I love that Aldi doesn’t just give out bags.  I think all stores should follow their lead.  Eliminate plastic bags all together.  Their prices are really low.  The store is smaller than what we’re used to, clean, and organized.

We did have to stop in at Bloom for a couple of things before going home.  We went into the beer cave so CSP could pick up a 6 pack and I saw the grossest thing! It’s Budweiser mixed with Clamato juice.  So… you have beer (gag) mixed with tomato and clam juice (bigger gag).  First of all, it’s the juice of an animal.  Would you drink cow or duck juice?  Like, for refreshment?  Over ice or in a can?  How about pork juice?  Bleh.  They call it the Chelada.  I call it canned vomit.