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Greedy, Dorky & Pinky no more

Greedy:  It’s that time of year again.  When people start asking for Christmas wishlists.  I hate that.  I mean, I know they just want to make sure that they get us something nice and useful or whatever.  But I always feel like a greedy jackass saying “Oooh well I want a pony and a Wii and a blah blah blah”.  You know?  And it sucks cause I have to do the same with some of my more hard to buy for people.  Why can’t everyone just have online wish lists???

Dorky:  That would be CSP. I found darling husband hanging out the 2nd story window a couple weeks ago trying to clean out the gutters. The “tool” he was using? This: CSP's rigged up gutter cleanerCSP's rigged up gutter cleaner Click to enlarge. These photos were taken pre-haircut by the way, hence the ‘fro. CSP had gone and taped together a Swiffer sweeper, a Halloween yard stake, and a paint roller!  Got the job done though.  McGyver, look out!

Pinky:  Got my hair done today.  She had to strip out the pink that was only supposed to last 2 weeks.  And this is 6 weeks post pink application!  I had to go darker to cover the pink that was too stubborn to leave.  So I’m a bronde again.  I’m going back the week before the cruise to lighten back up to my standard blonde state.  I really liked the pink and it was really pretty.  But I got over it after a few weeks and I was ready to go back to normal.  Maybe next time I’ll go tangerine!