No pugs were neglected in the writing of this blog

I am aware that the pages of this blog have been severely pugless of late.  I’m sorry!  I’ve been busy!  I can promise you that they are still getting tons of love and attention every possible moment of the day.  In fact, CSP brought Kiki with him to pick me up from the airport on Sunday.  She was v.v. excited!  Molly is pissed about it getting darker earlier as she is convinced that every light that goes past our house is a possible invasion.  And Zoe, well Zoe has 2 speeds: asleep and coked out toddler.  She zips around the house at such speeds it makes your head spin.  She’s still really tiny and can slide under the coffee table, which gives her a big advantage during the nightly Puglympics.  She still humps my leg when she’s not tugging on my clothes.  She still sleeps on my head.  She does have a new thing.  When she’s fed her dinner she barks and charges at the big girls (who have never once tried to eat Zoe’s dinner).  At first she would charge about 2 feet from her bowl.  Now she chases Kiki & Molly all the way upstairs every night.  Zoe’s also decided she loves tv remote controls and we are having a hard time keeping track of them.  I found one in the laundry this morning.  Of course we put them where we think she can’t get to them.  But she’s figured out how to get on the coffee table and more recently, the dining room table.  No idea how she does this.  We can never catch her in the act of climbing onto the table.  We just catch her up there nosing around.

But enough chit chat.  You want pictures. Here’s Jon’s mom with the 3 girls: Jon's mom and her grandpuggies And here’s Zoe giving us the ol’ stink eye again. Stink Eye Zoe