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Labor Day Weekend re-cap

Better late than never!  Saturday I drove up to the mountains to meet up with the fam.  But first I stopped by Target to pick up a few things.  While there I noticed that they now sell artificial nails for your toes!!!  That really creeps me out.  After Target I hit the road for the mountains.  If you’re wondering why CSP never seems to join us for holiday weekends…well he works for a grocery store.  And grocery stores are busiest around the holidays.  So he’s always working then.

We had a full house this weekend.  Papa, Gigi, Jake, Joey, Sara, Susie (mom’s friend from work), Tom (Susie’s BF & Papa’s friend), Courtney (Susie’s daughter), Marygrace (Courtney’s friend), and Tamera (my cousin).  Plus me!  We had fun taking pics of the Valle Grazing in the Valle and watching the kids play croquet. Papa, Marygrace & Joey playing croquet We had a great dinner Saturday night then played Cranium well into the wee hours.  Oh man did I laugh so hard!  I swear that’s just the best game ever.

Sunday the boys woke us all up super early.  We had breakfast then I got back on the road for home after packing up.  CSP was off work Sunday so I hung out with him.  We had to go to W@lmart (vomit) to exchange a birthday present I’d received.  Of course that took an hour and a half because you have to have the little man at the door scan your stuff and tag it then go to customer service where they just rip the tags back off.  Then we were in electronics then the electronics cashier rung us up wrong so I had to stand in line again there.  Then she couldn’t do anything at her register to fix it so back to customer service we went.  UGH.  No wonder I boycott that place!  By the end of it we walked out of there, looked at each other and just shuddered and both said at the same time how much we hate it there.  Give me Target any day!

Monday was spent just chilling out at home.  Nice!  Oh!  Pics!  Go here for pics from my weekend.