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Brown paper packages tied up with string

Things I’m loving of late:

  • Trash tv.  Real World/Road Rules Challenge is back.  I’m sure I leak brain cells as I watch but I can’t help myself.
  • Also trash tv: America’s Next Top Model.  OMG Miss Jay imitating Joselyn (squeaky voiced girl) made me laugh out loud tonight.
  • Through Facebook I found my old friend Nell!  Woot!  Nell and I went to middle school and 9th grade together.  She always had the best sleep overs for her birthday.  My bra was first frozen at her house.
  • We get to fall back soon right?  Falling back is the only part of Daylight Savings Time that I like.  That spring forward and lose an hour is BS.
  • Conversation I had with my mother regarding my Pure Romance party on Saturday:

Gigi- I’m going to have to go home after we get our hair done on Saturday so Tom & Hale can drop Susie and I off at your house.

Me- What are they going to do while its going on then?

Gigi- I guess go to a sports bar and drink beer while we buy dildos.