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Come sail away

November 2008 We leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow! I still have a bunch of stuff I need to get done tonight, but that’s mostly laundry, packing, and cleaning. I did bunch more running around today. Got my hair fixed so I don’t look like Reba’s cranky aunt anymore, bought a bunch of fun stuff at the ABC store (Disney cruises are BYOB- how cool is that?! They have bars on the ship but still let you byob too), got a pedicure, picked up some last minute things at the dollar store, and bought a bunch of snacky stuff for the in-laws to eat while we’re gone. That’s right would be burglars- our house will be occupied by a wily librarian and a crabby judge.  Break in and he’ll put you away forEVAH while she looks at you v. v. sternly.

I will not have (or miss, frankly) internet access while I’m gone.  BUT I will have my phone and be Twittering while stateside.  It will help me remember what we did each day (see ABC store note above) so I can blog about it when we get home.  What will we be doing each day?

  • Saturday 11/1- drive down to Orlando.  Rehearsal dinner at Polynesian hotel at Walt Disney World. After dinner drive to Cocoa Beach and check in to our hotel for the night.
  • Sunday- wake up, have breakfast, then go get in line to board the ship!
  • Monday- wake up in the Bahamas!  Explore Nassau.
  • Tuesday- wake up at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island.  Today is wedding day for Lisa & Pete! Yay!
  • Wednesday- fun day at sea.  Recover from above and enjoy the ship.
  • Thursday- leave the ship.  Cruise is over.  But vacation is not!  Spend the night in Cocoa Beach.
  • Friday- say goodbye to Papa & Gigi as they hit the road for home.  Have I mentioned yet that my wonderful, darling, CSP is treating Papa & Gigi to this cruise as a thank you for being so supportive? It was all his idea too!  We presented them with the cruise last Thanksgiving.  There were many happy tears.  We adore Papa & Gigi and love to hang out with them and can’t wait to spend this week with them!  They so deserve it!  Ok, so they go home Friday but we head over to Lakeland to visity my Nanny and other family.
  • Saturday- hit the road for home!  I’m sure we’ll be excited to see the puggies that night!

Have a lovely week!  I’ll be back with tons of pics I’m sure!

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Gettin snippy

I have anxiety.  And it really goes into full gear just before a big event or trip, which is ironic as I love to travel and entertain in our home.  I get especially anxious if I feel like I don’t have enough time to prepare for said event or trip.  My to do list is shrinking, but I keep thinking of new items that get added every day.  And there are a couple things I can’t locate that need to go with us on the trip.  I know they are in this house somewhere, just hiding from me.

So when I get anxious I can get a little snippy.  And it all came to a head today when I got my hair done.  I won’t torture you with a pic because it will really only torture me.  I tried a new girl today on a friend’s recommendation.  I told her what I wanted and what my problems were.  My last girl had turned my hair white with brown stripes.  I used to be blonde!  Well now…now I’m dark brown with red!  I almost cried when she spun me around.  I should have demanded she fix me right then but I couldn’t talk or I would have cried so I just got out of there.  I’m going back on Friday to get it fixed but that is REALLY CUTTING IT CLOSE and I just don’t have the time to be sitting in a salon for another 3 hours!  Waaaaaah!  We leave on Saturday!

In my time of annoyance other things are really getting on my nerves.  I’m going to vent about them right here because this is my blog and America and it will make me feel better.  Disclaimer:  I am in no way perfect.  I know this.  No need to remind me. Continue reading “Gettin snippy”


Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I’ve got

Well, it’s started.  CSP is earning his title again.  He’s worried about me wearing my rings on the cruise.  And not because he thinks I’ll lose them in the water or anything.  He’s more concerned about the possibility of an international diamond thief cruising the halls of the ship, stalking me, then snatching my bridal set just before he steals away into the night.  It’s so sweet.  Especially because I have never in my life been worried about going anywhere wearing my rings.  It’s not like I’m wearing the Hope diamond. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my rings. I think my engagement ring is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. But we’re not rich people and it is not huge by any means. My arm doesn’t get tired wearing it. I don’t have to hire tiny men to help drag my left hand around. But the fact remains that it is the single most expensive piece of jewelry my man has ever purchased. So he worries when we hit the open seas. Luckily there’s a bar on the ship. A couple beers should help ease his mind so I can go snorkeling without a body guard.

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Mustachio wedding

Yesterday I attended the wedding of my dear friend Shannon and her beloved Mustachio.  It was beautiful.  She was beautiful.  Emily was just precious in her poofy dress.  And Tony’s mustache has never looked better.  CSP had to work (since we’re leaving in less than a week for Lisa’s wedding) so Gigi (my Mom) was my date.  Gigi developed a little crush on Shannon’s BIL, Dreamy Kevin.  We sat at table #6, the fun table!  Shannon’s dad, sister, and Tony’s brother all gave great toasts.  There wasn’t a dry eye when Shannon’s Dad teared up.  It was so sweet!  I am just so happy for her.  What a year she’s had!  Became a mother and a wife in less than 12 months! But enough jibber jabber, I know you want to see pics!Here comes the bride
Well, I was going to post more pics, but Flickr is giving me trouble. Luckily I’d already snagged the link to the set.
See all the pics I took here.


Mama said knock you out

There’s something about my family that makes us resistant to anesthesia.  So when we get it we need it in large, strong doses or we will wake up during procedures.  I was really nervous about my Upper GI Endoscopy because my sister woke up during hers and FREAKED.  But who wouldn’t when you wake up and there’s a tube down you’re throat and you’re just medicated enough to not remember why there’s a tube down your throat?  So I told them all this and they promised to knock me out and they sure did.  So much so that all of yesterday was a sleepy, fog headed, scratchy throated blur. CSP took super good care of me.  Wish I could say the same for the nurse who tried to start my IV.  She tried in my wrist and my inner arm and couldn’t get it.  But managed to bruise my up quite nicely.  So she called over the man nurse who ended up putting it just outside my arm pit.  SEXY.  But he didn’t hurt me, so he’s my hero.

Billy Bob Thornton’s twin was my anesthesiologist.  He gave me the good stuff and all I remember is “roll over on your side, Sweetie” then “Shannon, wake up”.  BBT’s twin told me that I would have spotty amnesia over the following 24 hours and HE WAS NOT KIDDING. Not only was I super sleepy for the next day and a half I don’t remember half of it.  This isn’t such a bad thing.  I’m pretty dang rested right now!

The rescheduling, procedure, and subsequent medicinal coma has really screwed up my week though.  My to do list is no shorter now then it was on Monday.  And that is not a good thing.  I’m excited about crossing one thing off tomorrow.  And that’s going to Shannon & Mustachio’s wedding!  I’m so happy for them!

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The good, the bad and the funny

I’ve got my upper GI thing in less than 10 hours.  I’m more nervous about this than I was about my hysterectomy.  Something about shoving tubes down my throat.

I’m not going to be able to do puggie Halloween cards this year.  Just not enough time or money in the budget.  But I WILL do puggy Christmas cards.  I’ve even already written a song to go along with them.

Did y’all see Amy Poehler’s rap about Sarah Palin on SNL on Saturday?  OMG one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a looooong time!

Here are the lyrics:

one two three

my name is sarah palin you all know me
vice president nominee of the gop
gonna need your vote in the next election
can i get a ‘what what’ from the senior section
mccain got experience, mccain got style
but don’t let him freak you out when he tries to smile
cause that smile be creepy
but when i be vp
all the leaders in the world gonna finally meet me

how’s it go eskimo
tell me what you know eskimo
how you feel eskimo
(ice cold)
tell me tell me what you feel eskimo
(super cold)

i’m jeremiah wright cause tonight i’m the preacha
i got a bookish look and you’re all hot for teacha
todd lookin fine on his snow machine
so hot boy gonna need a go between
in wasilla we just chill baby chilla
but when i see oil lets drill baby drilla

my country tis a thee
from my porch i can see
russia and such

all the mavericks in the house put your hands up
all the mavericks in the house put your hands up
all the plumbers in the house pull your pants up
all the plumbers in the house pull your pants up

when i say ‘obama’ you say ‘ayers’
obama. (ayers) obama (ayers)
i built me a bridge – it ain’t goin’ nowhere.

mccain, palin, gonna put the nail in the coffin
of the media elite
(she likes red meat)
shoot a mother-humpin moose, eight days of the week

[three gunshots]
now ya dead, now ya dead,
cause i’m an animal, and i’m bigger than you
holdin a shotgun walk in the pub
everybody party, we’re goin on a hunt
la la la la la la la la
[six gunshots]

yo i’m palin, i’m out!

To see the video go here.

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R.I.P. Jorge

We are going on a big trip next week and we’re driving my car, the RAV4 Jorge, as it gets better gas mileage than CSP’s truck, Q-Tip.  Well before we hit the road, Jorge needed new tires, a tune up, oil change, his tags are due, and the state inspection is due.  So we’re talking over $1000 at least in maintenance.  And he has 90,500 miles on him.  Well then we saw the ads on tv where Toyota is doing 0% financing (on 36 months for the RAV4), something they have never done before.  CSP started talking a few weeks ago about how we might want to think about trading Jorge in since he’ll soon be needing a new timing belt.  Well it seems like the stars aligned for us because I’d like you to meet Blanca!  Blanca is a 2008 Toyota RAV4. Jorge served us well for 7 years but we just couldn’t pass up the great financing deals.  And let me tell you, the Toyota people were falling all over me to sell me this car.  I had 3 dealerships crunching numbers and fighting each other to get the best deal.  I was in there alone and I’d call home to CSP to run the numbers by him.  He’d say no and they’d get back to work.  Eventually we got them down to 3.9% for 60 months, a good bit for Jorge’s trade, and we paid $600 LESS than what we paid for Jorge 7 years ago!  Our payments are over $100 less a month than Jorge’s were (he’s been paid off since 2005).  Wooot!  By the end of the whole thing my sales lady was hugging me.  Now here comes the stars aligned part.  CSP cleaned out Jorge’s glove compartment and found the delivery sheet that I signed the day we bought Jorge.  It was dated 10/16/2001.  7 years to the day later and I was signing the delivery sheet for Blanca! 
It was sad leaving Jorge in the parking lot at the Toyota joint. He looked all forlorn. I’m hoping some nice college girl buys him and loves him.
I’d have told y’all about Blanca when we bought her last week but it was PhoBloDays and all.  She’s 14 inches longer than Jorge and now there’s plenty of room for child safety seats!  Come on home soon Ling Ling, Mama’s got the new car ready for ya!


What we have here is a failure to communicate

So CSP took me to my appointment today for my upper gi endoscopy.  They took my vitals and asked the standard questions like when was the last time I ate or drank.  So I answered them.  And that’s when the trouble started.  When they scheduled my procedure the girl told me no eating within 3 hours of the thing but I could drink up to the start time.  Apparently that was wrong.  Apparently she was supposed to tell me no eating within 6 hours and no drinking within 2.  So now I have to go back Wednesday for this whole thing and my whole day was screwed up.  Bleh!

Why am I having this done?  Well, I’d really rather not get into that on the internets right now.  But we’re having some medical issues in my family.  My sister and I are both chronically anemic and tests are being done.  Once I have some answers then I’ll share.  Thank you for your concern!


Weekend wrap up & major to do list

Saturday it rained all day.  I think we’re finally finished with the hot weather around here.  Yay!  I worked around the house then went over to Christina’s for a Pampered Chef party.  I hung out after the party with her and her little girl Ella.  Ella is too cute!

Today I ran some errands with Sara and hung out at her house a bit.  Then we picked CSP up from our house and left him at Sara’s.  He’s smoking cheese with my BIL tonight since it’s finally cold enough.  You can’t smoke cheese if it’s hot out or the cheese will melt.  Frankly I think they just use cheese smoking as an excuse to hang out together.

I have a VERY busy 2 weeks ahead of me before we leave for the cruise.  Tomorrow I have to have an upper gi endoscopy.  I’m nervous.  My sister woke up during her’s.  I hope they knock me out good!  I can’t imagine waking up with a big tube down my throat!

Other things on my list for the next 2 weeks:

  • laundry
  • pack for trip
  • clean house top to bottom (in-laws are staying here while we’re gone)
  • buy dog food
  • draw map and make little household manual for in-laws so they can get around while they’re staying here.
  • pay all bills
  • make jewelry for me for Shannon’s wedding, cruise, and for gifts
  • mail out packages
  • get guest room and guest bath ready
  • put flea stuff on pugs, give them their heart worm pill
  • polish silver jewelry
  • doctor appt
  • dentist appt
  • hair appt
  • pedicure
  • wrap Shannon‘s wedding present
  • go to Shannon’s wedding
  • confirm hotel reservations in Florida
  • pick up dresses at alterations place (including bridesmaids dress)
  • mail out Halloween cards
  • take pugs’ picture for Halloween cards
  • learn to manage time more wisely.  Yikes!

This trip seemed SO far away for so long.  But now it’s like I need more time!  Of course at the same time I can’t wait to go!  Maybe I should just put some RedBull in an IV for the next week!