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Weekend Recap

Friday around noon I went to Kohls to buy a big suitcase for my trip. On the way to Kohls gas was running about $3.63 and there were long lines at the pump. Odd to see. On the way to the airport later in the afternoon we passed many gas stations that had RUN OUT of gas! And the ones that did have gas were up to $4.19! Crazy!
I flew up to Baltimore to attend Lisa’s wedding shower. View from 2A Lisa picked me up from the airport and we went to dinner at Mimi’s Cafe.  We were able to catch up over dinner.  Then we went to the mall so Lisa could get her ring sized and buy a tripod.  She treated me to bubble tea!  Bubble Tea in BaltimoreI love bubble tea and wish we could get it here.Lisa tried a "pearl" from my bubble tea.  Her first!. Lisa tried one of the pearls from my drink. On the way to Lisa’s house it was pouring rain.  A cop pulled out right in front of us and almost hit us head on.  Scary.  We got settled in the house and I made the earrings and anklets for the wedding party.  I totally forgot to take pictures of the finished products though!  We stayed up for a while and Edwin, Kim & their daughter Julie came.  It was great to meet them since we’ll all be on the cruise together.

Saturday Lisa and Julie woke me up and we went to the market to get flowers for Lisa’s Mom’s grave and for Lisa’s hair.  Then we went to the graveyard to say Happy Birthday to her mom and drop off the flowers.  Back at the house we got ready for the shower.  We headed over to Laura’s house around 2.

Laura, Nikki, & Crystal did a wonderful job on the shower.  Laura’s back yard was just beautifully decorated. The shower was different than showers down here.  It ran longer and was much bigger.  It was gorgeous!  Lisa had a wonderful time.  They got great gifts and she was able to visit with a lot of friends and family.  It was hot though.  Like 95* hot!  But I wouldn’t have missed it.  I took pics all during the shower and while she opened presents.  But on her camera.  So I came home having taken hundreds of pics, but didn’t have any to show CSP!  After most of the guests left around 8-9pm we hung out with the wedding party.  Lisa and Pete gave us our gifts:  great Disney tote bags, Mickey earrings, Bridesmaid t shirts, and the jewelry I made.  We finally went home around 11:30 pm!  A long but wonderful day.  Sunday we just kind of hung around the house chatting then went to the airport for my flight home. My flight didn’t get in to Charlotte until 9:30 so it was dark. It was nice to see all the city lights. Charlotte at night from the plane Click here for the rest of the pics from the shower!