Could have grown a baby

CSP went out for a haircut yesterday.  I woke up to a note that he was gone.  This wouldn’t normally be blog worthy, cause he’s a man and it’s a man’s haircut.  But he HATES to get his hair cut.  He hates people touching him and making small talk.  So he puts it off.  For a looooong time.  I didn’t know how long it had been since he’d gone last but his hair was touching his collar, all curly and out of control.  I liked it longer but he wouldn’t even get a trim to shape it up.  Anyway he went and came back with a much smaller head.  Had I known he was going I’d have taken before and after pics.  They keep on file in their computer his visits.  The last time he’d gotten his hair cut?  37 weeks ago!  That’s almost a full term pregnancy!!!

The plague has claimed yet another victim

Sunday night I started not feeling so well.  By Monday night I had a full blown miserable cold.  Coughing, sneezing, fever, sweats, congestion, sore throat.  Then my sickness ate my brain.  Yesterday I drug my wretched body upstairs for a lay down.  I was just about to put on my CPAP mask when I heard “Whatcha doin Honey?”  I turned and there was a man in my bedroom!  I screamed this pitiful, scratchy throated scream (for a good while- I was terrified!) while trying to decide if a CPAP would work as a weapon.  Of course, it was just CSP, home from work.  But in my plague state I had forgotten that I had been up at 6 am yesterday morning ironing his work clothes.  In my germ infested mind he was supposed to be at work until at least 11pm.  I’m thinking my mild heart attack has now set me back a couple days on my road to recovery.

Things I’m loving right now

  • Weeds. When Directv screwed up our dvr service they gave us 2 months of Showtime for free. Well now I’m hooked on Weeds. And of course our free Showtime just ran out. Now I’ll have to get my fix on dvd. Weeds: gateway drug of cable dramedies.
  • Google SMS. I bet I’m late to this party, but just in case you were also living under the same rock…did you know that you can text things to Google and they will send you back info? It’s awesome. Text the letter W for weather and M for movies or Starbucks & your zip. They are super fast and it helps ease the pain of not having internet on my Crackberry.
  • Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Blemish Therapy. I’ve been wanting to try this since it came out but it hurt a little to think of spending $28 on zit dust. But then my birthday came along and with it some checks and gift cards. So I treated myself. I’ve been waiting to tell y’all about what I thought until I used it for a good couple weeks. Y’all. This stuff is awesome. It gets rid of zits over night. You hardly use any at all. It doesn’t stink or sting. It rocks.
  • Arts Cow. Weird name, great freebies. Sign up as a new customer and you get 400, that’s right 400, free prints. 200 4x6s and 200 5x7s. Shipping is a little more that some places, but they ship from Hong Kong. They print on Fuji paper and don’t crop your pics all wonky. So far I’m loving them. I’ve ordered twice (my free prints of course) and my pics come within a week and look great. Did I mention the FOUR HUNDRED free prints?
  • They have put the blue walls up on my IKEA.  And the new 2009 catalog is out.  Heaven.

Operation Shoney Bear

This weekend was all kinds of interesting.  Friday night I went out to dinner with some girlfriends.  Saturday and Sunday I was sick to my stomach all day long.  I went on a mini road trip, met some fabulous people, and got the go ahead on a major project that unfortunately I can’t tell you about right now.  Just hang in.  I can’t tell you about it because it’s in the early planning stages and anything could go wrong.  If things do fall through and I am heartbroken, then it’s just one less explanation I’ll have to cry my way through.

CSP is sick and he breathed his sickness all over me apparently.  Last night on top of the whoopy tummy my throat started hurting and I started sneezing.  Today I can barely breathe and it hurts to talk.  Fun times.


So last night I was online chatting with some girlfriends.  We were using Chatzy.  Free & easy.  Anyway, one of the girls tells us that her husband just called from the ER.  He was playing softball and got hit by a pitch.  He hurt his thumb and he started instantly trying to get out of chores at home.  So we’re laughing about it and making jokes because they admit him and give him a room!  All for a thumb.  Well we were on a roll.  Thumbelina, Thumbkin, no more playing thumb war etc.  And Heather gave us his cell # so we started all texting him about how we’re gonna have a candle light vigil for the thumb and put him on the prayer list at church, etc.  Well then all the sudden I get a text back from him that just says “shattered”.  So I think it’s in response to my text about how hitch hiking is going to be harder now.  Then Heather tells us that he just called her again and told her that he was going to need surgery and pins!  That his carpal tunnel bone was shattered.  OMG.  We felt so badly and we started praying for our souls for picking on him cause they were talking rehab and how he was gonna miss so much time at work etc.

Well we all finish chatting and go to bed.  Then today we get a message from Heather.  Her husband came home last night with an ice pack and a sprain!  PUNK!  He really had us going!  So it’s on now.  Just gotta come up with more thumb jokes.  It was really thumbthing!

Bizarro World. Population: me

Conversations in which I have been involved lately.

Scene:  CSP and I laying in bed about to fall asleep.  Smackfest begins because sometimes we bicker and fight like children.  I grab his wrist.  He recoils in horror.

CSP: No!  Don’t!

Me:  What?  What did I do?

CSP:  You were trying to take my pulse.  I don’t want anyone touching my pulse.


Me (looking out to hair girl’s backyard where I see something white and fluffy with bits of red.  It is middle of Summer.):  Is that a dead bunny?

My hair girl:  No, that’s my Christmas hat.

My little blog is 7

On this day back in 2001 I started blogging. I thought I’d start journaling about our married life. I had tried a million paper journals and just couldn’t keep it up. So then I was surfing around in the Summer of 2001 and found LJC. Loved the whole blogging idea and started up my own!  Here’s a link to my very first post.  So to my little blog! In honor of 7 years of blogging, YOU get a present! Just leave me a comment with your favorite color and I’ll chose a winner this weekend of a custom made pair of earrings from Bellatini!