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Cruise Prep

We’re getting ready for the cruise. Less than 2 months to go!  So excited!  So much to do!

So I’ve been doing a little shopping to prepare for the cruise.  Luckily it is the end of Summer so all the end of Summer sales are going on.  Nice when you need Summery clothes for a Caribbean vacation at the end of Fall. Cause people, I’m a bargain shopping, coupon code using, free shipping kind of girl.  Also handy?  Birthday gift cards to spend.

I used my eBags gift card to pick up this cutie bag: Thank you Aunt Marsha!  It unzips and turns into a tote bag.  Perfect for the trip home when I’m sure to have more to tote than I started with.  Also comes with handy led light key fob!

Lisa turned me on to Crocs Capri Canvas flip flops on sale for only $15!  Woot!  That’s less than half what they normally go for. I’d provide you with the link to the sale but they sold out quickly (it was REI). My old Crocs flip flops are just about worn out so this was perfect timing!

Now all I have left on my list is a GINORMOUS suitcase.  Our suitcases are great quality but they are tiny and heavy.  I need a huge one for the trip because not only are we going on the cruise, but we’re spending a few days afterward in Florida visiting family.  Don’t get any ideas house robbers.  We have an alarm and a house sitter.  And nothing really worth stealing anyway.  This computer is old and slow.  Look elsewhere for your loot!