Playing catch up

It’s been so busy around here lately I haven’t had a chance to post about some stuff that’s been going on.

– Buncolicious- On Saturday, May 31st I was part of a big charity bunco game. So fun! We raised money for Wings of Eagles. Christina and I ran around picking up prizes for the game, ate at Moe’s, went to the game and helped set up before & clean up after, then went to TGI Friday’s for ginormous margaritas. Jumbo margaritas! YUM. It was a long day so we deserved some fruity adult beverages! We had a big time.

-Saturday, May 24th was my sister Sara’s birthday. Happy Birthday! I’m so proud of Sara. She bought a dslr not too long after I did last year and she’s fallen in love with photography. So much so she’s decided to make it her occupation. She launched her website. Check it out!

-Sunday, June 2nd was Papa & Gigi’s 2nd anniversary. Happy wedding birthday! Papa & Gigi on their wedding day

–CSP busted me the other day (Friday when I was baking cakes). He came home from work and said how nice the house looked (I had cleaned house that day). I told him he worked hard so the least I could do is keep the house nice for him. Then he noticed a cake taker sitting on our counter.

Who’s is this?

Oh, that’s Christina’s. She brought it over and lent it to me.

Oh I see! You’re just blowing smoke up my ass! You didn’t clean this house for me! You did it for Christina! Well I better call her and make sure she visits more often so I can have a clean house!

Doh! Busted. Christina had come over to loan me the cake taker and keep me company while I baked. The pugs shredded her legs. I felt so bad! We went out and grabbed some dinner so I could get a break from the oven. We had a good time chatting again. Seems like we could probably do the girl talk thing for days on end. I love having girlfriends like that.

-I finally went in and finished painting the spoon rest I had started for my Nanny Pre-fire shot of the spoon rest I painted for my NannyIt should be ready to pick up soon. I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

4 thoughts on “Playing catch up

  1. wow, I hope she didn’t bleed all over your clean floor after being shredded by your pugs.

    i’d let your pugs shred me any day, cuz they’re so stinkin’ cute.

  2. Awwww, I got an honorable mention! By the way, I had to get 15 stitches from the pugs, so I’ll send ya my bill. Just kidding! Great job on the spoon rest. Hope we can make it back up there sometime soon.

  3. Love your sister’s Sara’s website and work…although I was dissapointed that there were not PUG pictures under the animal section of the site.

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