Sit & Knit

Thursday night my friend Kimberly & I attended my first Sit & Knit (that I organized thankyouverymuch). We had dinner first, where I took this pic of my ice: Ice, ice baby then we met up with a few other ladies for chatting and knitting.Heather teaching Kimberly how to knit at the Sit & Knit It was a lot of fun. One lady, Heather, man is she amazing with the knitting! I can hardly even talk about it. She makes things you would totally think came from a store. I can knit rectangles. Oy. I’ll get there though. I’m currently knitting a blanket for the Linus Project. Once I’m finished with that I hope to move on to a different shaped thing!

7 thoughts on “Sit & Knit

  1. How fun! I wish I was closer to you – I have a feeling we could get into a lot of trouble together.

    I used to knit alot – maybe you’ll inspire me to pick it up again – definitely post shots of your blanket!

  2. oh, i can knit a mean rectangle or square too! i have successfully (term loosely used) made one tiny baby sweater too…but it was HARD! good luck on the knitting,

  3. Aw, shucks. ::blush:: You should come to a Charlotte Purls meeting sometime, man are there some fantabulous knitters in that group! I sure do love spreading the knitting joy! 🙂

  4. How fun! My friends and I do something similar to that every so often with crochet and sewing. It’s fun just to be around some other crafty people, it’s more motivating to actually finish a project.

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