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The Bachelorettes Week 6

BBs- it’s week 6 and we’re in Amsterdam! First off though, as a cruise junkie, I am in awe that the Bachelorette peeps have this entire cruise ship to themselves!!! I’d be running amuck!!!

Nate & Gabby 1-1

Nate and Gabby walk around Amsterdam a bit and then G bursts into tears! They sit down on a bench and G sobs as she explains that she doesn’t know if she wants to be a mother. That she’s not ready to be a mom. I think this is SO mature of Gabby! Thank goodness she did the hard thing NOW instead of going to hometowns and meeting Nate’s daughter and bringing a child into all this mess, and THEN breaking up with him. I hate to see Nate go- he’s been one of my faves from the start. But I’m sooo proud of Gabby for realizing she’s just not in the place he needs her to be. Gabby’s crying, Nate’s crying (but being SUCH a gentleman about the whole thing and it makes me love him even more!!!), and I’m crying!!!

Zach & Rachel 1-1

Zach and Rachel’s second 1-1 includes frolicking through tulip fields (stunningly beautiful!!!), riding bikes, and sitting and making out in a hot tub. At Fake Dinner Zach tells R that he used to be 85 lbs heavier and he’s a big fan of therapy. He gets the rose. It’s a nice date and all but I don’t see a lot of chemistry there.

Gabby Group Date

G and her guys go to see a Mistress sex expert. It’s all very odd. The Mistress asks the guys a bunch of questions like “Do you know how to please a woman”. Then the guys are forced to take their shirts off, are blindfolded, and are made to lay on a carpet in a circle while Gabby slaps them in the chest with a whip, drips hot wax on them, and randomly makes out with them. That night the mood is tense with the guys because there’s a rose on the table and next week is hometowns. Before G can arrive to the cocktail party, Jesse visits her to let her know that Logan has Covid and is out! Then Jesse goes to see the other guys and instead of saying “Logan has the rona”, Jesse is all vague and weird about it saying there’s a situation with Logan. Strange. Jesse cancels the cocktail party “to be safe”, but I thought Covid quarantine lasted a lot longer than one night!!!

Rachel Group Date

R and her guys go to the Cheese capital of the world and the guys enter a cheese lifting competition, shirtless of course. TIno wins cheese king! That night Tyler gets the group date rose and Tino FLIPS out! I don’t know why either! Rachel practically swoons every time he’s near her- let the little guy get a rose for a change TIno!

Rose Ceremony

Gabby says she’s only comfortable handing out 3 roses. Erich, Jason, and Johnny get roses. Spencer is going home.

Rachel gives roses to Aven and Tino. Ethan is going home.

Next week is hometowns! Can’t wait BBs!!! Until then! xo 🌹