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The Bachelorettes Week 7 Hometowns

Wow. Wow wow wow BBs. I just finished watching week 7- Hometowns and I am emotionally WROUGHT!!! I am spent I tell you! We have a LOT to unpack so let’s go!!!

First up is Gabby and Jason in New Orleans. They meet up with Jason’s dad at a park and Dad is crying from the get go! He just loves his son so much! It’s really v sweet. That night G meets mom, sister, etc. Mom is giving me major Elvira vibes with her high hair and black eye makeup. Mom is super emotional too. The most surprising thing that happens is when Jason tells Mom that “I can’t see myself getting engaged at this point.” Um, excuse me? Gabby does not know this information AND have you not seen the show??? The end game is marriage! There’s an engagement ring in the logo for Pete’s sake!!!

Next we go to Anaheim, CA with Rachel and Zach. They meet the family and Z’s uncle is Patrick Warburton! I love that guy!!! He’s hilarious! Zach seems super nice and all but it’s all v khaki, you know? Z’s dad even says to Rachel- you go to romantic places and you’ll fall in love with a monkey! Ha!!! He’s not wrong. Z tells Rachel he’s in love with her.

Then we head to Palm Beach, FL with Gabby and Johnny. Not much exciting to report here either. Johnny’s family seems nice enough and they seem v supportive of both Johnny and Gabby. BUT- Johnny tells his mom he’s not sure if he’s ready for an engagement!!! Does NO MAN want to marry poor Gabby??? WHY go on a show where if you “win” you get married??? I do not understand men!

Wildwood, NJ is our next destination with Rachel and Tyler. Apparently Wildwood is on the Jersey shore and R & T have the entire deserted boardwalk to themselves. It’s a bit creepy! Also, T seems to own one of the carnival boardwalk games?? Get back to me on the specifics, will ya ABC? So after running into some of Ty’s friends, T & R sit down on a bench and chat. Poor, delusional Ty is running off at the mouth about how incredible Rachel is and how he’s in love with her and this has been the BEST DAY EVER!!! And the whole time, poor teary eyed Rachel is waiting for Tyler to TAKE A BREATH so she can tell him that she just doesn’t think she can “get there” with him and she respects him too much to bring his family into this. R is shaking like a leaf and Ty is soooo sweet about the whole thing and just smiles through his pain. I want to hug him so bad! Then, just when you think ABC couldn’t be more cruel, we cut to Ty’s family sitting around in their living room waiting for him to come in. Tyler walks in with a big smile and even though he looks like he’s about to burst into tears, he tells his family Rachel isn’t here. Where is she, Ty?? OH MY HEART!!!

Before I can even catch my breath we move on to Bedminster, NJ to see Gabby meet Erich’s family. Gabby (who’s favorite word of all time is YEAH- I swear she sounds like the Usher song!!!) meets Erich’s mom, I think a brother, grandma and grandpa, and Erich’s dad. Dad has been battling terminal cancer for 3 years now and isn’t doing so well. But he totally rallies for this visit and I swear Gabby and Erich better get married and honor dad of Erich for the rest of their earthly years!!! Dad chats with G & E then G chat’s with mom, who’s also super emotional. Mom is Dad’s caregiver and they’ve been married almost 35 years. BTW I AM A WRECK at this point!!! Just sitting here doing the ugly cry!!! Erich’s family is just so lovely. G & E ride off on a motorcycle to a tavern where E says I’m falling in love with you and G says I’m also falling in love with you.

Finally we go to Santa Clarita, CA to witness the bloodbath that is Rachel meeting Tino’s family. Tino’s fam is V V skeptical about Rachel, about the Bachelorette, about the timeline of their love, about EVERYTHING and they are NOT holding back!!! Not 5 minutes after T & R walk through the door, Tino says he’s planning to propose in a couple weeks and Dad of Tino is all THE HELL YOU ARE, BOY!!! Mom grills Rachel. R is almost in tears. Then Dad grills Rachel. These people are TOUGH.

Tino and Rachel go outside at the end of the night to chat and T has the audacity to say “They adored you!” Bahahaha!!! No they certainly did not! Rachel can tell that his parents did not like her or anything about this process . Tino says I’m falling in love with you and can’t see a future without you. Rachel says I’m falling in love with you too.

And that is that! Next week we have Aven’s hometown then Men Tell All. I can’t wait!!! I love the hometowns episode so much because you get to see where (and who) these people came from and it’s v eye opening. ABC did not disappoint tonight!!!

Until next week BBs!!! xo 🌹