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Bachelorettes Week 5

It’s Week 5 BBs and Rachel is STILL crying! But who could blame her??? ABC has thrown her into this romantic hellscape with no relief in sight! Poor girl!

You may remember from last week that Logan decided he wants to pursue Gabby instead of Rachel. AFTER he’s accepted 5, count em, 5 roses from Rachel!!! Shady McShadester!!! So before the group date, Logan goes to speak with Rachel and tells her that he has feelings for Gabby. Logan bows out of the group date. Rachel asks him why did he accept her rose last night, which Logan conveniently “doesn’t hear”. He leaves and poor Rachel is in tears. She feels like a failure as the Bachelorette. Jesse comes to see Rachel then goes to see Rachel’s guys, who are walking around Bruges, Belgium. Jesse tells the guys that the group date is canceled. Poor guys are REALLY disappointed. But, Rachel says she’ll see them later.

Meanwhile, Logan goes to see Gabby. He tells her “I was on fire for you!”. Seriously? Stop speaking now Logan.

Later, Rachel goes to see her guys for the Group Date After Party, wearing a hideous dress. She breaks my heart when she tells her guys to leave if they want. Then she has alone time with each of the guys and when she’s with Tino he says “I’ll take any piece of you any day.” Swooon!!! Love Tino!!! Tino gets the group date rose. As he should!

Gabby’s Group Date

Gabby and her guys tour around Bruges, play soccer with local kids, eat waffles, and play roshambo (rock, paper, scissors) with some locals. But in Belgium, when you lose, you get slapped in the face with a fish! It’s pretty entertaining! I can think of quite a few people I’d like to fish slap!!!

That night Logan joins the group and the other guys are NOT HAPPY. They are all questioning their connections with Gabby. G is looking super cute in a tiny lime green dress. Nate gets the group date rose.

Rachel 1-1 with Aven

The 2 of them tour around Bruges and make out. At Fake Dinner Aven talks about some Mommy drama he has and gives Rachel a bracelet his mom made. They make out some more and R gives Aven the rose. He is soooo cute.

Gabby 1-1 with Johnny

Johnny and Gabby go to a brewery, taste beer, get in a bathtub full of beer, and slap each other with eucalyptus branches. Honestly, before this I didn’t even know who Johnny was. Or why a grown man is still named Johnny. Or that he was on this show. At Fake Dinner Johnny admits he struggles with depression, which is pretty woke of him. Gabby gives Johnny the rose.

Cocktail Party

Gabby’s group is still fuming over the addition of Logan.

Rose Ceremony

Logan gets Gabby’s last rose. Gabby has 5 guys left and I think Rachel has 5 left too. Going home: Michael, Mario, and Meatball. We’re 2 weeks away from Hometowns already. What a dumpster fire this season has been!!!

Next week we’re going to Amsterdam!!! Until then BBs!!! xo🌹