Heaven’s Farm

Jacob was in the bathtub complaining to Sara about his legs itching.

My legs itch from the bites I got at Uncle Sherman’s farm.


Uncle Sherman.

It’s Uncle Kevin.

I know, but he likes me to call him Uncle Sherman.

(laughing) Why?  Because his name is Uncle Kevin.

Cause Kevin is where you go when you die.  So I call him Uncle Sherman instead.

Slinky Winkie!

Yesterday morning Zoe and I hopped in the car, stopped by 5bucks for a green tea frapp in my reusable Starbucks tumbler, t_16469and hit the road for Gigi’s house.  We looked at pics from FloFamFest 2009 then went to visit Gmommy (real name Winkie) at the nursing home.  We spent a couple hours cataloging Gmommy’s clothes (it’s like summer camp for old people so we have to write her name in her clothes).  Then we took Gmommy to the in-house beauty parlor for a shampoo & blow-dry.  After her hair was all done we walked her back to her area. Gmommy dancing Her new boyfriend is Jerome and he saw her and just lit up like a Christmas tree!  Gmommy & her boyfriend Jerome They are so cute together.  I love that 2 alzheimer patients can find love in a nursing home.  Gmommy has a little doll baby that she cuddles and the 2 of them were fussing over the baby.  So cute!  Like a little family!

After the nursing home Gigi & I went to see The Proposal.  Very cute.  Love Sandra Bullock.  I’d give my right pinkie toe to look that good at her age!  We ate some Mexican (Hawai’ian quesadilla for me) at a local joint near Gigi’s before I picked up Zoe and we headed home.  Zoe had a big day and slept the whole way home. My sweet girl.

Florida Fam Fest Day 4

Yesterday morning we woke up and helped Nanny get her car all packed.  BF (bio father) had driven Nanny up here for the visit.  She’s 86 so she doesn’t drive much anymore.  CSP is not BF’s biggest fan.  I knew CSP was outside taking the pugs potty but he was taking so long.  Nanny was asking for him so she stuck her head outside to say hello.  She called out “I love you!” across the yard.  Those of you who know CSP know that he is not one to call out I love you to anyone.  He’s shy and hates drawing attention to himself.  I was laughing so hard as I heard his voice yell “I love you too”.  Finally CSP came back inside.  It wasn’t until later that I found out he was hiding out in the hot back yard so he could avoid having to talke to BF.

BF & Nanny hit the road and we followed along soon after.  Sara, Marc, & the boys drove their own car.  We were all on our way down to Shealy’s to meet up with some more family members.  All 3 of Nanny’s sons were there: BF, Uncle Steve, and Uncle Kevin (of chopped off thumb fame).  Uncle Kevin’s wife Aunt Marcia was there, as well as Uncle Steve’s wife Aunt Lynn, their daughter Stephanie, and her children Cody and Abby.  We were a big group.  We managed to grab a table and enjoyed a wonderful Southern lunch.

After lunch we all went back to Uncle Kevin’s farm The boys had so much fun playing on Troy's new tractorto see the donkey & baby cows.  Pics after the jump. Continue reading

Florida Fam Fest Day 3

Yesterday Nanny & I woke up and met up with Sara, Jacob, Joey & BF (bio father) at IKEA for breakfast.  They have an IKEA in Tampa & Orlando but Nanny & BF haven’t been to either.  Nanny was so excited!  I thought she’d pick up a thing or two, but she dropped close to $100! She was cracking me up.  Didn’t matter how far away I would be standing, Nanny would pick up an item and yell to me “What’s the price on this??”  She wanted one of everything that was an IKEA item in my house.  My Nanny is 86 years old and she still has style!  We spent over 2 hours shopping at IKEA and we didn’t even browse the upstairs!

After IKEA Sara & the boys went back to her house while Nanny & I stopped by Walmart.  She wanted to pick up some dog food.  There’s a Walmart 2 miles from her house in Florida but I indulged her.  I was just glad she was up here visiting.  On the way to Walmart we swung through Sonic for cherry limeades.  When I spent 2 weeks with Nanny at her house in Florida I introduced her to Sonic’s cherry limeades.  She loves them. Continue reading

Florida Fam Fest 2009- Days 1 & 2

Florida Family Fest 2009 began Tuesday night.  I got the call around 6:30 that my bio father (from here on referred to as BF) & my Nanny (my grandmother) had arrived at my sister Sara’s house.  So I went over to Sara’s for some visiting & picture viewing.  After a couple hours Nanny was ready to go to bed.  I brought her home and set her up in our guest room.  She brought her little dog Molly with her.  So cute! DSC_3685She is the sweetest little dog.  She sleeps in a big Easter egg basket.  Nanny was a little worried that the pugs wouldn’t like Molly but our girls all got along just fine.  Kiki & my Molly weren’t all that interested, but Zoe fell in love.  I don’t think she’s ever met an animal smaller than she, so it was a big deal.

Yesterday Nanny & I had breakfast at my house, visited for a while then went to Sara’s for lunch.  We played some Rummikub and Phase 10.  My BIL Marc made some bbq for us for lunch.  After lunch we visited some more then Sara, Jacob, Nanny & I came back to my house.  Nanny went upstairs for a nap, Sara & Jacob played the wii, & I got dinner going.

At 4:30 the doorbell rang.  Dinner wasn’t until 6.  I was busy making the sauce for my lasagne so Sara asked if she should answer the door.  I said it was probably a solicitor (we’re a new neighborhood & have lots of those), so she could ignore it.  Well, the doorbell just kept ringing.  Sara opened the door and from the kitchen I heard a surprised “Hey!”  I came out of the kitchen to see my great Uncle Ray from Ohio!  He’s Nanny’s brother.  He was driving his 4 grandkids to Florida and was passing through Charlotte.  He punched my address into his TomTom and dropped in!  Yikes!  Now my dinner for 5 adults and 2 kids just turned into dinner for 10 adults & 2 kids!  Dear Jesus, please work your Loaves & Fishes magic! Continue reading

How do you say “fun mail” in Korean?

The other day a bag was hanging from my mailbox with a box inside.  I was so excited!  I love fun mail!  It was from the fabulous AM.  She sent wonderful Korean goodies.  Click on photos to enlarge. Korean loot! Inside the box was a super cute card made by Sandy with a note from AM, a cosmetics bag, a hair stick/letter opener/bookmark, a cute little soda, a box of cookies, a Korean girl magnet, a baby outfit, & a really funny guide for foreign residents living in Korea.

Cookies: Ok so we all know that Asia has it all over the US with making things cute.  Not only was the box super cute, but EVERY SINGLE COOKIE was printed with a cute image.  There would be a pic to show you but they were so yummy they disappeared quickly.

Soda: Thankfully AM included directions because the adorable can was printed in all Korean.  I almost didn’t want to open it because it is just so cute!  I followed directions and chilled it for a few hours.  Then I gave it a good shake and poured it into a glass.  It was so yummy!  Orange flavored, very very fizzy, and kind of thick tasting- but in a totally good way!

Everything was so cute and you could tell AM put a lot of time and thought into the assortment.

I thought it was sweet that she would send my future child a little Korean onesie.  Upon inspection I realized that the arms were sewn on funny.  Then it popped into my head- DUH, it’s a pug shirt!  A little Korean martial arts outfit with belt!  SO cute!  CSP helped me wrangle each pug into the outfit for a photo shoot.

Molly modeling the Korea outfitMolly's a lover not a fighter, despite the outfitMolly modeling the Korea outfitMolly says "Just try something mofo, I gots mah karate outfit on!"Zoe modeling the Korea outfitZoe modeling the Korea outfitKiki modeling the Korea outfit. Zoe & Molly are clearly jealous.Kiki modeling the Korea outfit

Thank you in Korean is 감사합니다.

It is pronounced “kamsamnida.”  Thank you so much AM!  We all love our goodies so much! Big overseas hugs to you! xoxo


So.  I’ve spent the last few days painting the dining room, steam cleaning my carpets, and cleaning my house in preparation for my Nanny’s visit.  She’s on her way here right now from Florida.  Who’s driving her?  My bio father.  Vomit. He’s sleeping at my sister’s house. I’m hosting a dinner tomorrow night and lunch the next day.  I got no sleep last night. I still have so much to do and all I want to do is drink a big fat margarita and take a long, 3 day nap.  Gotta take my meds. If I survive this visit I shall blog about it.  Til then my friends.