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How do you say “fun mail” in Korean?

The other day a bag was hanging from my mailbox with a box inside.  I was so excited!  I love fun mail!  It was from the fabulous AM.  She sent wonderful Korean goodies.  Click on photos to enlarge. Korean loot! Inside the box was a super cute card made by Sandy with a note from AM, a cosmetics bag, a hair stick/letter opener/bookmark, a cute little soda, a box of cookies, a Korean girl magnet, a baby outfit, & a really funny guide for foreign residents living in Korea.

Cookies: Ok so we all know that Asia has it all over the US with making things cute.  Not only was the box super cute, but EVERY SINGLE COOKIE was printed with a cute image.  There would be a pic to show you but they were so yummy they disappeared quickly.

Soda: Thankfully AM included directions because the adorable can was printed in all Korean.  I almost didn’t want to open it because it is just so cute!  I followed directions and chilled it for a few hours.  Then I gave it a good shake and poured it into a glass.  It was so yummy!  Orange flavored, very very fizzy, and kind of thick tasting- but in a totally good way!

Everything was so cute and you could tell AM put a lot of time and thought into the assortment.

I thought it was sweet that she would send my future child a little Korean onesie.  Upon inspection I realized that the arms were sewn on funny.  Then it popped into my head- DUH, it’s a pug shirt!  A little Korean martial arts outfit with belt!  SO cute!  CSP helped me wrangle each pug into the outfit for a photo shoot.

Molly modeling the Korea outfitMolly's a lover not a fighter, despite the outfitMolly modeling the Korea outfitMolly says "Just try something mofo, I gots mah karate outfit on!"Zoe modeling the Korea outfitZoe modeling the Korea outfitKiki modeling the Korea outfit. Zoe & Molly are clearly jealous.Kiki modeling the Korea outfit

Thank you in Korean is 감사합니다.

It is pronounced “kamsamnida.”  Thank you so much AM!  We all love our goodies so much! Big overseas hugs to you! xoxo

9 thoughts on “How do you say “fun mail” in Korean?”

  1. LOVE all the awesome Korean stuff. The puggie Tae Kwon Do gee is SUPER awesome on the pugs. Particularly on Molly. She rocks it!


  2. That looks a LOT like my Tae Kwon Do gear and patch. LOL Teach your pugs to say YUTZ! before they growl and they will be official Tae Kwon Do-ers. ha ha ha… I love fun mail too!


  3. Wow, that was some neat stuff. I’m glad you tried that orange drink. The pugs look so cute in that Korean outfit. AM did a great job on that goody package.


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