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Boys after my own heart

Now that we have an IKEA we seem to be there at least once a week.  The other night Sara called and asked did I want to join them there for dinner.  Jacob & Joey LOVE IKEA.  She asked them where did they want to go and they both grabbed IKEA things to show her.  When the big yellow & blue building came into view Jacob yelled “IKEA!!” from the backseat.  My heart swelled.

We had dinner then dropped the boys off at Smaland while we shopped.  Sara had some frames to pick up and CSP requested more salmon sauce from the Swede shoppe. Jacob & Joey LOVE Smaland. Jacob playing in IKEA's Smaland They know the whole drill about removing their shoes and putting on their stickers.  There’s so much for kids to do there.  Coloring, climbing on things, a big ball pit, this cool elevated loft thing filled with bean bags for them to lounge on while watching movies.  I’ve never seen kids beg to stay in a store that isn’t a toy store!