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Zoe- pug supa star!

Momo & I took Zoe to the nursing home to visit Gmommy.  Zoe ran up to the door and got all excited.  As we neared the door we saw why: Corky Of all the days I bring my tiny pug they have some huge dog there!  He was eyeing Zoe like she was a snack.  Luckily he was really sweet and after introductions they basically ignored each other.

Gmommy LOVED Zoe.  And Zoe loves everyone so that worked out well. Zoe, Gmommy.  Gmommy, Zoe. Gmommy & Zoe having a convo Zoe was on her best behavior. She really wanted to run around and explore, but in an Alzheimer’s unit I didn’t think that would be such a good idea so Momo held on to her. Momo & Zoe My sweet girl. Momo & Zoe I can’t wait to take her back.

3 thoughts on “Zoe- pug supa star!”

  1. Zoe is fricken adorable! You need to make a dogbook account for Zoe, Molly & Kiki on Facebook! You’re one of the few who isn’t on it yet.


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