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Florida Fam Fest Day 3

Yesterday Nanny & I woke up and met up with Sara, Jacob, Joey & BF (bio father) at IKEA for breakfast.  They have an IKEA in Tampa & Orlando but Nanny & BF haven’t been to either.  Nanny was so excited!  I thought she’d pick up a thing or two, but she dropped close to $100! She was cracking me up.  Didn’t matter how far away I would be standing, Nanny would pick up an item and yell to me “What’s the price on this??”  She wanted one of everything that was an IKEA item in my house.  My Nanny is 86 years old and she still has style!  We spent over 2 hours shopping at IKEA and we didn’t even browse the upstairs!

After IKEA Sara & the boys went back to her house while Nanny & I stopped by Walmart.  She wanted to pick up some dog food.  There’s a Walmart 2 miles from her house in Florida but I indulged her.  I was just glad she was up here visiting.  On the way to Walmart we swung through Sonic for cherry limeades.  When I spent 2 weeks with Nanny at her house in Florida I introduced her to Sonic’s cherry limeades.  She loves them. Continue reading “Florida Fam Fest Day 3”