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But why?  I’m always very interested to find out why people live where they do.  What made you decide to live there?  So why do you live where you do?

As for me…I grew up in SC.  When I was 16 my mom married Momo’s dad.  He worked in Charlotte so we packed up and moved to Charlotte.  I’ve been here ever since.  I’ve never lived in a city by my own choice.  Sure, CSP & I close to live in the various suburbs of Charlotte, and I’m so glad we moved to Charlotte or I would have never met CSP.  Coincidentally, CSP moved here within 2 weeks of my family.  His dad got a job here and they packed up and moved here the day after CSP graduated high school.  Ah, fate.  I think all this is why we’re so keen on moving to Knoxville one day.  Because we choose to go there, circumstances aren’t taking us there.

Anyway, so why are you where you are?